Saturday, November 15, 2008

Favorite Autumn Photos...

Malisa's beautiful granddaughter, Madisyn, riding in the wheel barrow after a long day in the pumpkin field! Note the awesome pink boots!

Madisyn loves pumpkins! Her Mom and Dad have taken her to pumpkin fields since she could sit up in a little wagon!

Are your eyes deceiving you? No, they are not! These pumpkins are in the shape of the Double T which is the logo for my beloved Texas Tech University! Note that Madisyn has her "guns up" which is the handsign used by Red Raider fans! Note that Tango is watching with interest and will soon be getting his "guns up"! Special thanks to their Aggie mother who took the picture anyway!

My husband, Larry, and I bought Japanese Maple trees for each other for our anniversary! They are reported not to do well in the Houston area, but just like our love, they have survived it all! Hurricane Ike stripped them of their leaves, but they budded out again and are providing us with beautiful fall foliage!

Madisyn is racing her classmates through the pumpkin patch to find that very special, perfect pumpkin!

Malisa's grandson, Tango, thinks he is bigger than any of these pumpkins! Big sister, Madisyn, gave Tango his name as soon as she found out he was in Mommy's tummy! Even though the birth certificate says Gage, everyone calls him by the special name of Tango!

Karen often teases me because I don't like winged creatures! I displayed these birds on my mantle to show her that I could overcome my fear! Of course, the cute little harlequin caps I made for them made them more fantasylike and less bird like!

Madisyn gives her brother, Tango, kisses at the end of a pumpkin hunt at a pumpkin patch in Lubbock, Texas!

West Texas people know where this place is---but most Texans do not. This is one of the pumpkin barns located outside of Floydada, Texas. Most Texans are use to buying their pumpkins at the grocery store or at a road side stand---and most of those pumpkins came from Floydada. Floydada is the pumpkin center for Texas! If you are ever in the Floydada area during the month of October....I know, I know, why would you ever be in the Floydada area?....stop by and let your kids enjoy the activities! By the way, Floydada is located about an hour northeast of Lubbock!

Fall touches in the great room.

I have an autumn wreath attached to a bird cage stand on my front porch. It makes quite a cute display!

Tango decides to check out the dried decorative corn! Yum!

Madisyn finds a comfy resting place while visiting the Floydada pumpkin farm!

Punches of autumn color!

My firewood carrier is blooming!

More brilliant color from the Japanese Maples!

Yes, I accidentally posted this picture twice, but Tango is so cute, you can look at him twice!

Madisyn finds the perfect pumpkin! She picked it, took it on a hay ride, rode with it in her lap all the way home and then adorned the swing on her front porch with her special pumpkin!

Pumpkins in urns stand on both side of my porch entrance!
Thanks to Madisyn and Tango's mom, Elena Pastusek, for all the beautiful photos of the kids! An amateur photographer, she has been commissioned by many in the Lubbock area to take photos of kids, families and weddings. You can contact her by emailing me.

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