Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bummer! Bummer! Double Bummer!

Late last night, I received a phone call from my pardner, my Queen...Karen. She had bad news! She had to cancel our road trip to Judy Hill's Open House!

Her favorite dog...she asked me not to say favorite because she is suppose to love them all the I was saying, her favorite dog, Brandy, was very sick and couldn't even stand up! Of course, I said, "Well, good, now Brandy can't get into stuff while we're on our road trip!" But she didn't laugh. You didn't either. I was just teasing, people! Anway, Karen was at the vet's office when they opened up this morning with her FAVORITE dog! I just got an update from Karen and they are giving Brandy IVs for a bad kidney infection. Poor baby! So I am sorry we had to cancel our trip, but I am glad that Brandy is getting better! I have attached a picture of Brandy so you will understand how pampered Brandy is!

I'm just teasing again! This isn't Karen's dog. This is my dog. No, it's not! But I would love and take care of this dog if he came limping up to my house!

Okay, okay, I can already hear the disappointment in your question...What about the Judy Hill goody as the prize for the best caption contest. Well, get over it. You will win a goody from the Karen and Malisa collection...and that ain't a bad thing! Don't forget that the contest ends at midnight tonight! Winner will be announced Friday night!

Any of you lucky peeps who got to go to Judy Hill's, send me the scoop! What did you get? Was is the best? Did you miss me?


trash talk said...

I didn't get to go either. Little family emergency here. I guess we'll just have to be stalkers of everybody else's posts. Debbie

Cher said...

I know how Karen feels. We just got our fur girl out of the doggie hospital this morning. She's still pretty sick. They sure get close to your heart, don't they?

The Texas Woman

The Charm House said...

Love you blog!! I will have to say, you visit some awesome places!
Hope the doggie feels better!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So sorry to heart about Karen's dog being sick; I know they can become like family and sorry you two couldn't make it to Judy's. It was awesome.

patricia@ReFind Home&Garden said...