Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday...Catch-Up Day!

Favorite Family Foto Friday

In anticipation of...
the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo...
I present...
more of my favorite cowgirl!

Ridin' the bull!

My shirt says it best...
"Wild Child!"

Madisyn in awe of the cowboy!

Madisyn lovin' on a goat...
"Can we take it home, Dad?"

I do apologize for being late with my post today.
I promise to be early next time!
Hope you enjoy the photos of Cowgirl Madisyn!

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YaYa Chique's
Fantabulous Jewelry Workshop!

Yesterday, Karen, Malisa and Monkey Wench
attended the Junkin' YaYa's
first workshop of the new year!

Monkey Wench making new friends!

My three favorite monkeys!

Monkey Wench found the chair of her dreams!

Monkey Wench spent most of the evening practicing to be America's Next Top Monkey!

Monkey Wench was pooped after the runway work! She crashed on a big stack of beautiful pillows before the end of the evening!

We had the best time, Debbie!

xoxo Karen, Malisa and Monkey Wench


Montee said...

Still lovin' those pink boots! The San Antonio Rodeo has the event where the little kids ride the sheep and see how long they can stay on. It is my favorite event. Do they do that at the Houston Rodeo?

trash talk said...

I am experiencing sensory overload here. Way too much to comment on. Breathe...first-y'all are going to have your hands full(with shotguns) when that beautiful baby hits 15. I feel so sorry for y'all!!! 2nd, did Wench get a tatoo? 3rd, What kind of trick photography did you use to make one bottle full and one empty? 4th. Yaya's shop looks fantastic. 5th. Where's the finished projects? Must rest now. Tn'T

Sue Jackson said...

I love the picture of your cute baby with the goat! I've always wanted a goat too, seriously. Also, the monkey wench has "my" chair. That's close to the one at my store that I'm in love with. I found the website for "Awesome Book" through another blog I had in in "my favorite blogs" list. Sometimes when I see something I like and am short on time, I save them. Who is the author of the Carrot book? Sorry, I have CRS syndrome today. My own kids grew up with books, and Riley has so many that I keep at my house for her. So, when you get a chance, let me know the name. And keep posting those cute pix's, I love 'em all!! Sue

ann said...

What precious daughters you have.So pretty.And of course i love the cowboy stuff.I'm a born and bread Texan.Hello from Dallas...Ann

Jeanne said...

Oh my gosh, your daughter is beautiful.
she is the cutest cowgirl ever. I love the shot with the goat. Your whole post ws fun to read. Thanks for sharing it all.


Teresa Porter said...

She is a knock out, and I love the outfit, that tutu is too cute.


The Junkin' Yaya said...

Howdy my loving yaya's! So, glad to have been able to spend the day & evening together...Texan hubby asked this morning if I had heard from ya'll to make sure you got home safe! :) Love to both of you and of course Ms.Monkey Wench! she was the hit of the par-tay! ;) See ya again soon...xo...deb

Short and Sweet said...

Great post and cute pictures.

Linda said...

Madisyn is adorable! LOVE those boots, too! Great pictures. Thanks for mentioning my blog!! Yee Haw!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Madisyn is adorable, which is why she gets away with being a wild child. I have one of those myself! Today Rebecca was wearing pink pajama bottoms (looked like leggings on her), a pink skort, a ballet skirt over that and a BRIGHT blue Disney princess t-shirt that was too big and so looked perfect on her. She wanted to take a pair of scissors to her wobbly front tooth to "cut" it out so she could give it to the Tooth Fairy sooner. YIKES! I fear leaving her to herself for too long, for obvious reasons.

Irish Gumbo said...

Malisa: that pic of Madisyn with the goat is GOLD! A Kodak moment, yeah? Frame it!

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE the tutu and pink books. It's fantastic!!!

The pics all ROCK and I am so jealous of your good timin'.

Anonymous said...

She's a sweetheart of the rodeo, but a tutu????

Cher said...

I love the pic of Madisyn riding the bull...and the way she twirls that white hat on her fingertips is wild!

The Texas Woman

The Muse said...

super fun post...u had it all!!!
(sniff) sure wish i could have joined you all!