Thursday, January 8, 2009

Talk About Disrespect!

Nicknames for your men...
are atrocious!
Am I the only one who has noticed?
Bloggers give their husbands, boyfriends and lovers strange names...
sometimes, they give all three of them strange names! :)
You think I'm exaggerating? What about these?
Cat Daddy
The "It" Man
Snake Lover
Texas Hubby
Miss Lazy
And that's just to name a few!
You won't catch me being disrespectful of my hubby
by using a strange nickname!
In fact, I don't think you've met my husband...
Allow me to introduce...
This picture appeared on the front page of the Abilene Reporter-News! Seems Lurch had gone down to the courthouse with his grandmother...had tired of holding her hand...broke free...ran to the water fountain...and climbed up that sucker to help himself to the water. Just so happened that there was a newspaper reporter in the courthouse who captured the little heathen! And to answer you question, no...he hasn't changed much! He still gets his way! Isn't he cute? Those of you who were raised in Texas in the 50' you remember how kids never wore shirts in the summer time...boys or girls? Those were the good old days!
Lurch and me...twenty years ago...mugging in a photo booth! Ain't love grand?Twenty years later...and he still makes my heart go pitter patter! He has been the most supportive husband, the best lover and the best friend a girl could ever ask for! We have laughed...alot...over the years. I am as happy with him now as I was the day we got married! man!

And when Lurch gets what he wants...(besides me)...he gets children and grandchildren. He has been the most wonderful father and grandfather! He has taught his family to be strong, to be real, and to overcome your obstacles...(water fountains) get what you want! You want to see this big man get upset... just mess with his family! Lurch is the calmness in our lives. He is who everyone goes to for advice. He is our protector. And everyone in the family uses that nickname hung on him during his college football days...Lurch. However, the grandkids have their own name for that fits well...they call him Grande! It describes his heart perfectly!

Now, what blogging name do you use for your partner?


Jacque said...

SWEETIE! We have been together for almost 6 years now and I have always referred to him as my sweetie, I know it is kind of sticky, but it really fits him, he is one of the kindest people I know.

bj said...

Just wanted to say thanks for coming by my place today..and, I live in Lubbock, not far from TT..been here 34 years and before that, Plainview.
Only one nickname for my hubby..BILL....
NOW, in Blogland, it is MR. SWEET NOTHINGS...:o)

trash talk said...

Cat Daddy isn't a name-it's an attitude. Mine!!! Wait until you meet him. Not what you're expecting-he's a big ol' teddy bear. Besides Cat Daddy and Trash just seem to go together. Right? Tn'T

Cher said...

I call my man IT Guy, not because he's "it" but because he is a senior IT (Information Technology) Manager! Get "it" right, girfriend!

The Texas Woman

Anonymous said...

My bulwark is 'ZB', derived from a college nickname

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Well, you already outted us! But, he dubbed himself Snakelover. I just follow his lead. We've been dating for 16 months now and I just might keep him! I love what you said about Lurch. So sweet! A family man is a good find. Keep him! Congrats. ~Mindy

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Well, since you already "named" mine "Texas hubby"...hehe. I call him that because he is a Texan through & through and is married to this Cajun lady. So, that should tell you just how great he is! ;)

You will meet him soon! In fact all the ladies that are my customers and read my blog...always come in and ask if the Texan hubby is around. They always want to meet him...especially if I had told a story on him. :)

He is all mine...and he tells me all the time that "I am bought & paid for." Now how much more Texan can a man get?


The Muse said...

Hub... he is the center of my universe :)

Woman in a Window said...

Very unimaginably: husband. D'uh!

Is that really him in that last shot, his large and hulking frame? Oh god, I wish I had me one of those (not for my own body, of course.) He comes across as "protector".

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I just call mine hunny bunny !

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh that is just so lovely. I call mine Husband on my blog. But really, what is his name to me??? Hero. Lover. Friend. All mixed up. Thanks for making me think about it. X

cindy said...

I've seen you in two different places this I figured it was kismet to come check you out! Always glad to find a feller Texan gal! :D

Ohmygosh...what a great and sweet post. I love it. He sounds like a good man.

Mine - "Sweet Hub" of course! : D

Glad to have found ya!


Ki said...

I hadn't thought much about it until I read your post. I guess I call mine by his name, Kerry. I kinda like hunny bunny, though. We have been married over 28 years so I may want to be a little more affectionate. "Love you hunny bunny"....I kinda like that!