Monday, March 9, 2009


Have you registered
for the Treasure Hunt?
If so, please check the
registered Treasure Hunters list
on my sidebar and make
sure your name is on the list!
Please contact me if it isn't!
If you haven't registered,
the directions to enter
are on this post!
Check out our
Treasure Chest
full of goodies!

Sparkle and naked ladies and blue balls...
oh my!
Wear this lovely necklace...
or take it apart...
and use it in your art!

Over four yards of the plumpest blue pom fringe ever...vintage!

Beautiful "crystal" knob wine bottle stopper...
(wine not included unless this prize is hand delivered)
and a handful of vintage flash cards...

Child's red ballerina case from the 50's...
and vintage dominoes from the domino hall
in The Last Picture Show!

French pottery (not old)...
and a vintage, sexy vase with a bouquet of vintage spoons!

Six lovely chandelier notecards with envelopes!

Karen will include a picture of an
additional prize on her 101st post!
There will also be
smaller prizes for
2nd and 3rd place winners!
Haven't registered yet?
Read on!
Moonlight Hollow
is celebrating
our 100th post
by hosting an

What do you have to do to participate?

1. Follow our blog!

2. Leave a comment stating
that you want to play!

badge and place it at the top of your blog page!

That’s all you gotta do!

(In the voice of a tv infomercial)
If you follow our blog, register to play,
post the badge at the top of your blog page
AND write a post about the Treasure Hunt,
you will receive a PRACTICETreasure Hunt on March 14th!
Practice makes perfect, you know!

We will be announcing the exact time
that the clues for the official Treasure Hunt
will be posted on our blog…
so that everyone has a fair chance!

Come on…join the fun!
We have swords…
You don’t want to make us angry!
Have questions?


Teresa said...

I want that booty! Hope you've gotten your supergirl powers back!

Woman in a Window said...

That is some beautiful loot! Wow. You almost got me but I have to downsize, downsize. I still have a box of christmas presents (vintage stuff in a box in the garage - some of it's still wrapped!) Hope it all goes great for you!

Vodka Mom said...

okay, I want IN! Now, what was it I had to do ? YOu KNOW I cannot follow more than ONE direction. (And right now I am totally distracted by the dog staring at me. Was he at the La Quinta over the weekend???

what smells? p.s.

scrap-n-away said...

Shiver me timbers captain I love a good treasure hunt. Bring it on, ye Scallywags! I'm up for a good hunt.

Linda said...

You are SOOOO nuts! I love it. I do want to play. I will need to read the instructions a few times tho. Love the prizes!

Lola Enchanted said...

I'm IN!!! The next time I post, I'm leaving a post about it as well!!!!!This is fun!


Post about this too?? Goodness! Guess I better get over to my blog and do just that.... Maggie

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

I want to play....I'm here to win one for the Gipper! aka Deb of Talking Trash! ~LaurieAnna

The Junkin' Yaya said... that my computer is up and running...count me in! xo...deb

Linda said...

Okay... I've done it all! I get to practice tomorrow!!!!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

I want to play, am I too late, please let me play. Darn I think I'm too late for the practice.

Hugs Irma

Cher said...

well Id like to play but I don't have a I guess I cant...but I do follow..ty anyway Cher