Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yes, Virginia...There is a Karen!

Moonlight Hollow's 101st post was reserved just for me! The computerless, sleep deprived, blog virgin has arrived to validate Malisa's claims to having a partner in this adventure. Moonlight Hollow was born on a March night one year ago when the full moon lit the hills and hollows of Eureka Springs, that magical place in the heart of the Ozarks. The face of Christ of the Ozarks was illuminated with his arms opened wide, and Malisa and I both embraced the idea that life could be more for us. For years, we had both given tirelessly to amazing, inspiring children that we were given the responsibility to guide in our public school careers. On that firefly-filled night last Spring Break, we knew we were ready to live life differently. We both retired last May, as you faithful followers know, and I have struggled with my identity since then. I don't think I will ever feel as loved and needed and complete as I did in my classroom, but I am determined to find my way.

Our fascination with vintage photos led us to amass quite a collection in a little over a year, and we are constantly searching for interesting ways to use them. I can still sit for hours looking at what we've found...wonderful German Christmas pageants, vintage Santas, Halloween pictures, beautiful and well-loved dog photos, and funky World War II nudie pics taken for the war effort... all images we hope to share in the future of Moonlight Hollow. I am a total junkaholic, and was hooked at ten years old when I was given two dollars to spend at Canton. After all these years of loving cast offs with history, I am now in a selective phase where I hold out for the really unusual, odd find. This past Christmas, a giant, bedraggled nativity camel was my fave find at City Wide in Austin...

I was told to write about something that inspired me - like the abundance of black, and the deep, soulful attitude of the shop, yaya chique, in Houston. I recently purchased the sofa I have wanted for as long as I can remember-that $399 white slipcovered Ikea icon-and bought a black slipcover as well. I am still marveling that you can have a whole "new" sofa for $150 dollars. This is a perfect choice for me, because I am totally unable to commit to color for long. I love a white or black room with just one single jolt of color-a white container with deep red full blown roses, or a tall, hay-filled, faded red velvet Mexican altar piece loaded with silver milagros! Anyway, Debbie's yaya world, surrounded by warm, dark colors inspired me to go for the black sofa. Imagine the possibilities! So what if I will have to buy stock in lint rollers to combat the wads of white "Charlie hair" that will be deposited on it (the same shaggy Charlie that ate my jar of Estee Lauder wrinkle cream)! I can always go back to the white slipcover when i need brightness. I love to decorate, and re-decorate, and finally have time to do it. What sets my mind reeling may be discovering a black top hat with a straw-stuffed "magic rabbit" and directions for magic tricks at Warrenton, or the amazing grass green quilt I saw at Target!
I was told that blogging is personal, and there's no right or wrong way to go about it. I just planned to do a restrained introduction of myself, but my writing has veered off on a junk lover's decorating tangent. Guess you can see where my passions lie. I hope you know now that I don't just live in Malisa's head! I'm looking forward to visiting your blogging world sometime in the near future. Thank you for being a source of joy for Malisa, and for being so supportive of her during Larry's (Lurch's) surgery. Can't wait to share Moonlight Hollow's photo archives with you!

Add one more prize to the treasure chest!

Hat box sized vintage candy store tin-wonderful Spring colors!


Cher said...

Weeeelllll, hello, mystery partner. Welcome to blogland! The land of exclamation marks (I've never used so many in all my life). Still not sure you aren't just one of Malisa's many personalities but even so, I'm glad you're here. Meet you at the blog party?

The Texas Woman

April said...

I'm new to this blog, so it was very nice getting to know you. I worked as a speech-pathologist for several years in the public schools prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom. I know what you mean about losing your identity and being on a quest to find it,, too! Good luck to both of us on our journeys!

Sue Jackson said...

Nice to know there REALLY is a Karen! Just thought Malisa's imagination had gone wild, you know as in early dementia. I enjoyed your post and never forget what a special role teachers play in our world, they are the ones that plant the seeds for our future. We were just looking at old photos at my store yesterday. Each and everyone of them have a story to tell. I look forward to many more posts. Take care, Sue

Robin said...

Congrats on your sofa purchase. I hope it is a comfortable one. That is most important when purchasing such a large piece. I can attest to this, for I just gave away a 24 year old sofa that was 7 feet long, deep, very comfy and was just reupholstered a year ago. I loved that sofa. I replaced it with a narrow, short, stiff, traditional sofa that cost well over $3000.00. I made this exchange only because I redecorated and the old sofa wouldn't fit. Needless to say I am sad. :-(
But not to dwell on the negative......I much so enjoyed your "junk lover's decorating tangent" post.

Woman in a Window said...

It's hard to not want to touch these old things, isn't it. The tactility of them tells of stories and lives. And here, now, we will learn of yours. How sweet, like candy.

Woman in a Window said...

Good god, I just thought, I hope she didn't just think I called her vintage.!
How's that for first contact?

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Malisa, I'm kinda sad I don't see my name on the registered treasure hunters and I did a post just as you requested :(

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Hello, Karen! So nice to meet you! Thanks for your words. So well written, of course! ~Mindy

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey Karen!!! :)

Haven't talked with you since I saw you at the yaya! Hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you back in Houston soon! Call me so we can play "catch up"! xo...deb
(been using all those beautiful papers ya'll so loving gifted). Now that the computer is back up I can get that post finished (have had to wait to get my pics).

xo...deb (junkin' yaya)