Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are You Wearing an Easter Bonnet?

Remember Easter in the "good old days"?
When Easter meant hat shopping?
Easter services at church were
mini Easter parades of hats!
Look at this fine selection of Easter bonnets!

Hmmm. Prices may have increased
over the years!
Some people like to wear
goofy hats for Easter
while wishing for a
good old cowboy hat!
Right, Texas Woman?
Looks like several generations
of Easter bonnets!

Easter bonnets at school?
Maybe Sunday School!

Boys get into the hat frenzy too!

The typical Easter outfit!

Did it get any better than this?

May you and your family
have a wonderful Easter
full of old-fashioned fun!


Robin said...

Oh yes....and I remember making Easter bonnets out of paper plates in grade school.
Those are wonderful pictures Malisa.....Thanks.

And speaking of pictures....Those are lovely "Family Fotos".

I hope you and yours have a most beautiful Easter.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

terrific photos - thanks for posting them!

Hope you have a super fun holiday, too!

Cher said...

What do you have against cowboy hats on Easter?

The Texas Woman

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Okay, Cher. I added another pic just for you!
Happy Easter!


Sue Jackson said...

I remember making Easter bonnets out of paper plates too, and helping out in my kids classrooms when they were little making paper plate Easter bonnets. But my favorite photo is of share and HER hat!!

trash talk said...

I think there is a photo of my sister and I in those same outfits as the last photo, complete with the parasols! I even had a little drawstring handbag and gloves to complete my ensemble. Even then I loved to accessorize!
Sadly, with my big ol' melonhead, I no longer wear hats. I look too much like Icky Twerp!
Happy Easter, my friend.

Loretta said...

Oh my goodness!! Your photos and post really brought back memories of Easter past. Crinolins, hats, cute socks, new shoes, gloves, purses, fancy dresses,.... I remember that some dresses were itchy and I couldn't wait to get out of them!

Sue Jackson said...

Malisa. . . as you must be able to tell, my comment above needed to be changed from "share" to the actual person "Char". I think I had a blonde moment!

Sue Jackson said...

Geeez. . . I meant Cher, and I haven't even been drinking, maybe that's what my problem is!

trash talk said...

Sounds like to me that maybe Sue needs a drink...fix her one up Malisa!

Cher said...

I WANT WHAT MALISA AND SUE ARE DRINKING! I don't know which one of you is crazier or drunker! And on Easter eve even!!! SHAME ON YOU BOTH!

I hope you two sober up before you go to church in the morning!

The Texas Woman

Sue Jackson said...

Okay, what is wrong with a little "juice" on Easter Eve??? Is a celebration not a celebration for something joyous and risenful (thats my own word for rising from the dead)! I think many should celebrate more in this joyous occassion that is almost upon us!(I'm on west coast time). I think you all (I don't know how to say that word the Texas way, sorry) need to come out here to CA and see how we celebrate our holidays! How does that sound Share?

Cher said...

I'm ready. I'll bring all the junkin' girls and we can treasure hunt on the way out to see ya! Of course, with this crew we'd need to drive an eighteen wheeler to carry all our finds!

The Texas Woman named CHER!

Woman in a Window said...

It's funny, up here nobody bothers dressing their little ones up. They end up muddy or soaked through with residual snow. We throw on a heavy jacket and call it a day.

time-worn interiors said...

I always had an Easter Hat, Gloves and a new White Straw Purse! I thought I was hot stuff, oh, those where the days!

The Green Pea said...

I enjoyed the pics of the Easter hats, gloves, purses,shoes and new dresses. We would have to have a new Easter outfit way back when.....