Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Favorite Family Fotos

Madisyn has been busy!

She graduated from kindergarten...
with honors!

She received a medal in her
gymnastic exhibit!

She looked beautiful
in her Ballet recital!

She danced along to Hannah Montana
music during her Jazz Dance recital!

She was Minnie Mouse
for her Tap Dance recital!

Tango has been busy too!
He has learned to smile for the camera!

He is perfecting it!

He is not gonna let his big Sis
outsmile him!

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Thanks, Deborah!


Sue said...

Here you are, I haven't lost you in cyberspace! I love each and every photos of those babies of yours. Just think, before long you will have them come visit. I know how excited you are!

Keetha said...

ALL the dance pictures are so adorable, but the Minnie Mouse - - - how could you keep your buttons from BURSTING with pride????

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

She is one busy child! Love those smiles! ~Mindy

Pam said...

She is so pretty! I especially like the MInnie Mouse costume shot.She has been a busy child,hasn't she?
But I see Tango is keeping up with her nicely!

Woman in a Window said...

OK, my son had that same hamming it up smile. What's up with boys?

That girl is making me tired with all of her goings ons!

Angela said...

Both of them are just precious! Gotta love that smile on his face!

God Bless!

Ann said...

they are so cute!! she is a very busy and talented little lady !!

Linda said...

Soooooooo cute! And Madisyn is growing up so quickly..... she is beautiful!