Monday, September 7, 2009

Pop Test!

Sorry, teacher is tardy!
We have hangovers, too, you know?
So you think you got Labor Day off?
Pop Test!

Directions: Multiple choice answers...
you are responsible for answer D.

A. You want to stick that thermometer where?

B. Have you ever tasted pureed liver?

C. Mom, that stinky snake is in my diaper again!



The Texas Woman said...

d. Bella got ALL my baby gifts?

trash talk said...

d. Whaddaya mean, Cat Daddy isn't my father?
d. Not the mama, not the mama!
d. If you take one more step towards me with that nose syringe, I'm gonna scream!
d. Where's my big bow?
d. I told her to just take a little off the sides!
d. I prefer my milk fresh from the source...not from a bottle!

The Texas Woman said...

d. Nah, that dancin' baby is computerized.
d. My E-Trade did what??!
d. Gerber BABES! I want Gerber BABES!!!

trash talk said...

d. What do you mean everyone will be at Zapp in a few weeks? Who will I have to talk to?
d. I hate prune juice!
d. None of the other kids have to wear rubber britches...why do I?

Sue said...

Trash Talk and Texas Woman stole ALL my good answers while I was working my ass off all day at the store! Not fair, so I'm silently protesting.