Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sneak Peak...

Dealers are still setting up
their displays.

Open House
is scheduled for October 13th.

Here is a little
of some booths at...
Heritage Antiques
110 W. Burke
Lufkin, Texas 75901
Laura Koch, Owner

Did I mention that I will
have a booth there?


The Texas Woman said...

Good luck on that booth! It's about time you got to do something for YOU! Love that red and white kitchen!


Sue said...

Of course you know that I have to "stare" at each and one of the pictures and displays. I think my favorite is the dress form with the catcher's chest protector on! I wish you the best on this new venture of yours. And I have to tell you something, you never, ever know where a small beginning may take you! Some of my best dealers started out really small to get their feet wet and you should see them today. I some how feel that just might be you girl!

Linda said...

Ohhh...good for you! I will need directions..a address...something...

Linda said...

Ohhh..I just scrolled back up to look again...there IS an address! Thank you .... this is not your first rodeo, is it! ha