Thursday, November 26, 2009

Different Faces, Different Backgrounds...One Family!

I have so many things
to be thankful for...
my family...
my health...
my friends.
The list could go on and on,
but I want to say how thankful
I am for my blogging friends.
We may be different in ways,
but we all share a part of each
other's hearts.
When I started blogging a year ago,
I had no idea that I would have such
deep connections to so many wonderful
blogging buddies.
You have enriched my life
in ways I could have never imagined!
As you gather with family and friends
today and share your blessings,
please remember some of our
blogging friends in your prayers.

Please say a word of thanks to God for
the miraculous life of Bella,
daughter of blogger, Jenn, and
granddaughter of blogger, Trash Talk.

Please pray for our blogging buddy,
The Texas Woman, as she fights her
courageous battle with cancer.

Please pray for Lauri of 2Chippy's,
who just lost her mother.

Please pray for Woman In A Window
who needs peace and understanding
as she goes through major life changes.

Please pray for I Need a Martini Mom
as her family deals with a frightening
invasion of their family security and safety.

Please pray for my Lurch
who continues to undergo medical tests
and who is facing new surgeries.

If you haven't read Sue's Tuesday post
entitled Thanksgiving Thoughts
you need to go there now and read it!
This heart wrenching story of a family
will remind you of all you have to be
thankful for!
It will also warm your heart to know
that people are contacting Sue to help
this family with financial gifts of love.

Thank you, my blogging friends,
for always being there...
and for always sharing your heart!



Sue said...

Oh, what a nice post Malaysia! I think this year truly is a year to be thankful, and glad you have become part of MY family. It's been awhile since I've been "touched" by Thanksgiving the way I am this year. Just something in the air I guess. Take care.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

heart-warming post

best wishes to you and yours

trash talk said...

In the words of Sister Sledge...We ARE family. Bella is yours just as she is mine. You cried with me, helped me, held me up, made me laugh when I didn't think I could and provided a soft place to land when I felt myself falling. I've been so blessed this last year, that I would still be listing all my thank yous into the next.
You are one of my favorite blessings. You challenge me to think, be clever, and always, always stay on my toes to try and stay a step ahead of you. I treasure know that, right?
I continue to hold you, Lurch, your sweet family, Cher and all the others in my heart and prayers.

Vodka Mom said...

you are an incredible woman- with an amazing heart.

I am thankful for you, for your support, and for your kick ass sense of humor.

Thank you, my friend.

Lauri said...

Thank you Malisa, for always thinking of others, I appreciate you and hope all is better with your husband. I hope to see you soon. Lauri@chippys