Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Don't You Visit Anymore?

I was home all day long...
just waiting for you to
come visit!
I was busy all day creating
and didn't have anything
to post about,
so I thought I would
show you a few shots
of where I spend my time.

No, I am sure those aren't
dust bunnies on the floor!
Just little fur gifts left by Sweetie!

I could have used your help
in building a fire,
because I was way too
busy today!

If you had visited today,
you could have put your
feet up and I would
have brought you a nice toddy!

I could have used your help
putting away the Autumn
and breaking out the
Christmas decorations
for the mantle!

I have been intending
the alphabetize my music...
you could have done that!

If I don't keep my dining table
set, the art supplies end
up right in the middle of it!
You have that problem?

I absolutely adore this painting!
It hangs over my dining table.

These beautiful religious works
of art catch the sunshine from
the windows.

I think I have pushed my luck
with the tour...
if you turn in any other
direction, you will notice
glitter and paint and glue
and fabric and...
well, you get the idea!

Any of this pottery catch your eye?
It will all be for sale next week
at Heritage Antiques or
on my new Etsy Store
which will launch next week!

Ya'll come back now,
ya hear?


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a lovely spot you have! - I would kill for those ceilings!

Your Madonna and Child painting is really nice - it would hang over my dining room table, too!

Thanks for tour - next time, I wanna see the glitter and paint and glue and fabric!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love your home! The windows are amazing. I am loving the pottery pieces! hmmm Etsy, huh? ~Mindy

trash talk said...

Mal, you have a beautiful home and I mean that sincerely! Love the header and all the religious pieces.

Sue said...

Why have you kept us away for so long? I want to crawl into that chair and look out your awesome windows! I will have such a great view, I can picture that now. I'm with Tristan though, I want to see all the glitter, paint, glue and fabric! Take care.

Woman in a Window said...

How could I resist clicking over with a title like that? Malissa, your home is fricken gorgeous. Are you kidding? Those windows! The light must be divine! All of it. Every last corner. I imagine you must be very happy there. Those walls speak love.

be well,

Linda said...

What a beautiful home you have...thanks for the visit...I had a good time! Happy Thanksgiving!


Junk Exchange said...

great post -

love your home! thank you for sharing -

can't wait for your etsy shop!

open, open, open