Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Thoughts For The Day...

I have so many seriously
random thoughts
running through my head!

If I don't get
rid of some,
I may just scream!

So here goes...

Which is the best
representation of
Moonlight Hollow?

This beautiful photo...

or this one...

or this one?

Why do people
look like their dogs?
Do you?
Show me!

Have your ever been
to a party like this?
Worse yet,
have you ever hosted
one like this?

Why did the color
of my text just change?

Did you use to be
one of these?
I was...
a star pupil!

What is my Mother
doing to my Father...
and why were they
in a motel room
to do it?

Do you need any of this?
Don't ask!

I probably shouldn't say
the next few things...
but you know me!

Go, baby!

Cry baby!

Sorry if I have been
a pain in the rear!

But this is helping!

I promise!

Whew! I feel better!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

well, I spewed my perfectly lovely hot chocolate over the monitor

I hope you're happy

... oh - and the first moon is my favorite

now, excuse me while I go get a paper towel

zoloft indeed

The Texas Woman said...

I agree with Tristan...the first moon is my favorite.

I disagree with your politics...and so do most of your readers.

I don't agree with your doctor...you need way more Zoloft!

But I still love you!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

You pick. Dogs are too needy. What is your Mom doing? Dancing with Ellen does not a president make. I'm with Cher. Up the dosage. ha!!! ~Mindy

Malisa said...

Upon closer inspection, I believe Mom is putting Avon talcum powder on Dad's chest! And you wonder why I'm so messed up! :)


Sue said...

I love the "moon over the water" photo. And I really don't think "most" of your readers disagree with your politics, and actually, I thought it was REALLY cool to see Ellen and our President dancing together. I don't think though he was elected for his dance moves, because they weren't all that good, you know. Loved all the pictures, thanks! Take care.

trash talk said...

I'll cast my lone vote for photo #3...very mysterious. I don't look like my pet...Cat Daddy does. He and Jakie are starting to look just alike and both are just about as goofy!
If dancing wins elections...how did Dubya get elected?

Ann said...

I,too,love the moon over the water photo. I LOVE YOUR POLITICS AND AGREE WITH YOU WHOLE-HEARTEDLY!! I love how you share just how it is to you..love your openness,this is me attitude. Zoloft...you betcha!! I've felt like crap ever since I stopped taking it..got too expensive. oh well,life goes on and I'm learning to cope!!
Happy New Year !!

red.neck chic said...

*giggle* I think you are my twin.

I like the 1st moon...and you could ALWAYS say (if you skipped the zoloft) that you moon people for great fun. But I like the 2nd photo too - I think it's deep and mysterious... kind of like your mind. And since we are twins, my mind too. LOLOLOLOL

Coffee hurts coming out your nose when you think about the zombie party perhaps needing some of that gravity gravy...and just so ya know, I'm asking next time I see you. Be prepared.

;-) robelyn

The Texas Woman said...


Six divided by two..... said...

I love it!! Especially the pic of our Pres. getting down!!!! Go first moon!!!