Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Cuteness Factor...

There are so many wonderful photos of children.
When I am considering a purchase
for my collection, I look for
the "cuteness factor".
The photo may ooze "cute"
because of the child's expression or
actions or physical appearance.
I think this photo is a perfect example.

In this old German photo,
this young fellow is absolutely
charming in his grown up suit and
his hands in his pockets.
Look at that adorable smile...
and the hair...
oh, my goodness, look at that beautiful hair!
Don't you want to take this little boy
in your arms and just hug him?
His personality is truly captured in this photo!

Speaking of capturing a personality in a photo,
check out this new picture of Tango.

Yep, this photo says it all!

I think this will be one
of my New Year's Resolutions...
to brush my teeth in this position every morning!
This way I can brush my teeth
and get my exercise
all at once!
What a time saving idea!
Thanks, Tango!
(Look at those little feet hanging off the edge of the counter!)

All I see in this photo is hand soap,
baby shampoo and
room deodorizer.
I wonder which one of these products
is on Tango's toothbrush?

By the way, the rant continues


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Now that is a balancing act! How is he even staying there??? Too cute!

Sue said...

Oh, there's my boy Tango again. I hate to tell you this, but I love his pictures more than your vintage pictures. Tango tells his own story daily!

Take care, Sue

The Texas Woman said...

It'd be a handy position to wash several things! I'm off to see what you're ranting about now.

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