Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42...Tango Watching The Super Bowl!

Isn't it amazing
how quickly children
learn to love what we love?

The baby in this photo
obviously belonged to someone
who loved boxing!
Now, I want to share
a short video of my
grandson, Tango...
watching the Super Bowl!

First, you must understand
that Tango speaks Tangonese...
yes, his own little language.
However, it is obvious that
he is shouting "Go Football"!
It is also obvious that he has adopted
some of Daddy's language at the
very end of this short video!

I apologize for the video being sideways.
I suggest you turn your laptop...
or your head. :)

Don't forget...
watch until the end.
Even Tango knows a football
mistake when he sees one!


Sue said...

My favorite "main man", AND I got to hear him talk! He's just so damn cute, isn't he?
Take care, Sue

The Muse said... did you get a SIDEWAYS video???? LOL LOL

Oh well the cute factor over rides any of my headstand issues!

PS...I wish with you, this Valentine;s Day for your love's good health!

red.neck chic said...

oh my gosh - i am ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! That is tooooooooo funny!!! And YES! I had my head turned to the left! I think I have a cramp now and it's stuck this way..... oh s*&t.