Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 72...Surprises Galore!

I am doing my
After a really really
tough month,
I returned home to some
fantabulous goodies from
from very special friends!

Actually, I received this sparkly
gift from LuLu before Lurch went
to the hospital. I just didn't have time
to post a photo and say "thank you"!
So now is the time!
Thank you so much, Ms. LuLu Redstar,
junkster extraordinaire, rebel jewelry artist,
chicken farmer and writer of marvelous "fiction"!

Surely you are a follower of LuLu, right?
If not, go check out the
Divine Ms. LuLu Redstar HERE.

Thank you, my funny friend, LuLu!

One of the packages awaiting my return
contained this awesome shadow box!
Isn't it beautiful?
This shadow box is adorning my mantle.

This beauty was a prize I was lucky
enough to win from the
One World One Heart giveaway!
Who is the artist, you ask?
Well, it is Connie, of course!

Isn't this adorable?

Connie also sent me this tag!
Look at the vintage jewels in the middle!

You know Connie, don't you?
She is from Nebraska!

And look at this charming tag she made!

Thank you so much, Connie!

You have got to go check out her blog,

By the way,
Connie just made a junking trip to Texas!
Check it out HERE!

Waiting patiently for me in a big box
was another gift I won from
One World One Heart!

Meet Alistair Iriekins...
my new art studio "mascot"...
security guard...
guardian angel...
art muse!

No, I didn't name him...
he was "born" with the name!
He was created by Waxela
at Spirit Mama Art in Austin...
and I love him!

Anyone who truly knows me,
understands that Alistair
fits right in at my studio!

Waxela also sent me this magnificent magnet...
another creation of Spirit Mama Art!
Look at that face!
Isn't she marvelous?

Unfortunately, Spirit Mama Art
is leaving Austin...
(big sigh).
The good news is that you can find Waxela's
unique art dolls and sock monkey cake toppers
at her Etsy shop HERE.

Yes, you heard me...
sock monkey cake toppers!
They are precious!

You also need to go check out
Waxela's amazing blog,

Thank you, Waxela!

Last, but certainly not least,
is this wonderful goody I received
from my BFF, Sue!

You've heard that good things
come in small packages?
Well, it did!
It was a good thing!
I guarantee you that it didn't take
me long to get this thing of beauty
around my neck!

Check it out...
it says it all, doesn't it?

Sue, girlfriend...
you rock...
and I roll...
so together...
we are a force to be reckoned with!

If you don't follow Sue's blog,
shame on you!
should be on your daily reading list!
Did I mention that her photos from
are phenomenal?
Check Sue out HERE.

Thank you, BFF!

You four girls have been
a real spirit booster!
Thank you for
making me have


Laurie said...

Wow, what a great bunch of surprises! I hope you feel spoiled!

Low Tide High Style said...

What wonderful gifts and what wonderful friends!

Kat :)

sissie said...

You received some wonderful gifts from friends who adore you.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Now, that is a good mail day!

Sue said...

I would have commented earlier, but some of us had to do "the duty" of working Bat Shit Crazy Sunday. That would be me. I love girl, and wished you lived closer. We could really raise hell together,right ;0)

red.neck chic said...

Good Grief!!! Will you share your friends? LOL

If anybody deserves boxes and boxes and boxes of goodies it would be YOU!!!

;-) robelyn

lulu redstar said...

Aw shucks....just when I think i am tough u go and make me tear up. U are so sweet and very very welcome. Wish I was coming to Texas . Love ya like we've been friends forever. And we've never even met. xoxo

she dreams big! said...

Malisa - looks like you came home to Christmas! Lucky, lucky girl! Thanks for the shout out and you are so very welcome! Hope all is going well with you and Lurch.

Keep in touch, ya hear! ~~Connie