Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doing What I Do Best...

I know. I know.
I haven't been blogging regularly.
I have been rather busy lately.

Taking care of Lurch is not an easy job!
Okay, okay, he is getting much better
and I have been sitting on my butt
a lot the last couple of days.
But I have also been...
driving Ms. Daisy...
and doing what I do best...
being a smart ass!

Yes, you heard me!
I admitted it.
Are you happy?

Yep, I've been hangin' out with this guy...
He's funny.
No, not funny lookin'...
just funny.
Well, he might be funny lookin'...
he's from Canada.
He's pretty funny lookin' here on the clothesline.
Anyway, you need to check him out HERE.
Every Wednesday, Nonamedufus has a caption contest,
Pause Ponder and Pun.

Guess who won the contest last week?
That's right!
This smart ass!
Check it out HERE!

If that wasn't cool enough,
I found this amazing blog,
which also has a caption contest
every Wednesday and gives
this award each week!


(No, I didn't name the award!)

Well, you all know that I have been
looking for that big, golden phallus
all of my life...
so I entered!

And guess what?
Well, read it for yourself HERE.

Just my luck.
I get a little phallus.

But I'm still smiling...
because we all know
that a little phallus
is better than no phallus at all!

Next week, our weekly fun activities
will be back online!

Don't forget that we have our own
caption contest, Pop Test, right here every Monday!

On Wednesday, please join us for our weekly
writing "assignments": Wacky Wednesday,
The Never-Ending Story!

Fridays are reserved for your
Fill-In-The-Blank smart ass answers!

If you haven't been joining us every week
for our outlandish M-W-F activities,
please follow and join in!


Sue said...

I have a lot of "click here's" to check out on your blog! I've missed your posts, good to have you back girl!
Take care, Sue

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I totally, without question, positively missed you and Lurch with a mad Texas passion. I was so glad to hear the pacemaker installation went well and y'all are back home! Yee haw! Heal that man up and come back to Poetry when you can. Love y'all! ~Mindy

lulu redstar said...

OMG...there are so many pithy comments to insert (!) regarding your yella johnson...So appropriate!
Love a new contest or two...can't wait to sharpen my wits and enter the fray next week. can't wait!

Me-Me King said...

Thanks for the shout-out Malisa! You were definitely on a roll last week. Here's wishing you the best of luck on landing "the big one"!

nonamedufus said...

Hey Malisa, nice shout out, thanks. And nice blog. I'll have to get over here more often. Thanks for hangin' with the dufus.

red.neck chic said...

I am laughing... OF COURSE you won the contest - and who else could get such an award? LOLOLOL

I have missed your bloggin' that's fer sure... when you go to poetry can i go too?