Thursday, April 15, 2010

If This Doesn't Make You Smile, Go Back To Bed!

Yep, if these photos don't make you smile,
you have a problem...
with me!
Unfortunately,Spring is the only time of year
that Texas is a blue state...
when the bluebonnets are in bloom.

The grandkids are treated to a yearly trip
to bluebonnet country.
I am lucky to share in the trip through
my daughter-in-law's wonderful photos!

This is baby Cash's first time
to experience the Texas state flower!

Madisyn and Tango inspect a lady bug!

Can you tell that Madisyn
is a good big sister?

I love this photo of Tango
walking the wall in front of a church
blanketed with bluebonnets!

One of the neat things about Madisyn
and Tango is how much they love each other!

Madisyn takes a break from the boys!

Are you curious why the kids are so willing
to pose for bluebonnet pictures?

They are bribed with...
Cooper's World Famous Barbeque!
Who wouldn't pose for a rib?

Speaking of ribs...
I would like to take this opportunity to
the man who sticks by my side
and follows my dreams.

What was that?
Did I hear you ask why our anniversary
would fall on income tax day?
Well, we thought it was the perfect day...
after all, it is the day that the entire
country gets screwed...
might as well join in!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Happy Anniversary!

All those delightful pics made me smile - but can I go back to bed anyway?

Sue said...

Thanks for starting my day with a big smile! Your babies always make me smile and I swear, Madi gets more beautiful each and every day! And as far as those pictures go, Elena is an awesome photographer! Your post also touched me since those Texas bluebonnets were my mom's favorites! Myself and my kids grew up hearing stories about the Texas bluebonnets! And lastly, I hope you join in with the rest of our country and getting "screwed" today! Happy Anniversary to you both!!
Take care, Sue

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaaapppppyyyy Anniversary

red.neck chic said...


Happy Anniversary!!!

And girl - you two make some fantabulous grand-babies!!!

;-) xoxo

Laurie said...

What sweet photos! Thank you for sharing! I am now in love with bluebonnets!

And, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I loved your last line...LOL!

Marguerite said...

Such adorable grandchildren you have and the bluebonnets are gorgeous! The children are so precious and they did make me smile. And have a very Happy Anniversary! Celebrate!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I LOVE seeing those g-kids of yours! The bluebonnet pcs are a great tradition. Happy Anniversary! ~Mindy

Ann said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!! I will never be able to file taxes without a mental image.........!!!
your gandbabies are darling..and what beautiful settings to photograph them in..the Texas Bluebonnet is a spectacular flower!!
this smile will last all day..and not just 'cause of the photos!!!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I love the pic of Tango and her little brother walking away from the photographer through the field. Priceless.

And I guess Lurch is lucky you stayed with him, given that he bit your lower lip off in that photo. ;)

Charlene said...

LOVED this post!!! Adorable!!!! A bit late but, happy anniversary. The photos of the flowers are great. We just went down to the Round Top area for the weekend & the flowers were amazing. LOVE THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!!!! Have a wonderful week. And hubby's favorite Bar BQ is Coopers. They just opened one in Ft Worth & he wants to go soon to see if it is as good as the one in Llano. Charlene