Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is how many posts
my Grammy has done
in the last week or two...

a big, fat zero!

My Grammy wanted me to tell you that
Grande (I think you call him Lurch)
is out of the hospital and is doing well.

Grammy and Grande have been staying
with my aunt and uncle for a few days,
but they got home today!
Grammy said the house and the yard
are a really big mess because they have
been gone for three weeks!

I think Grammy will be cleaning a whole bunch,
but she will be blogging again too!
Get ready because she has a lot
of new pictures of my brothers and me!

I'm glad Grammy and Grande are home,
and I'm glad Grande's heart is better.
Grammy said that the doctors made his heart
stronger so he can love me longer!
I think that is a good idea!




Ann said...

I am tickled pink that your Grande and Grammy are back home. I know you have missed them both. When you read this, let them know how happy I am for all of you!! :))))

Yaya Chique, Home of debi lynn designs said...

Hi sweetie!

glad to hear your grammy and gramps are back home safe and sound! Tell your grammy to call me because her BIG HATBOX of goodies awaits her! xo....auntie yaya

Sue said...

Hey Madi, glad you know how to post, not sure what's up with your Gramma though? She's been promising a post for weeks!! Where's your little brothers, I miss seeing their pictures?
Take care, Sue

lulu redstar said...
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lulu redstar said...
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red.neck chic said...

Well, I for one am cheering with you Ms. Madisyn!!! I am so glad that Grammy (that was my Grandmother's name too!!!)and Grande are home and Grande's heart is stronger!!!

All my love to you AND your Grammy and Grande!!!

;-) robelyn

Lou Cinda said...

So glad you are both home sweet home!! Take it easy, don't try to do everything in one, relax...breathe.

Continued prayers your way :)

Lou Cinda

trash talk said...

I am so happy and relieved to read (I know that's a big word for a little girl like you, but take my word for means pickled tink) that your Grande heart's all better. That means your Grammy's is too! Thank you for posting since Grammy seems to be up to her armpits in work.
P.S. I have been trying for the past nine days to get on line and check on y'all. So glad to read the news and what great news to come home to. Girl...just get a leaf blower and blow it all to kingdom come.