Monday, June 14, 2010

One Lucky Girl Winning Ticket!

Yes, I have been a lucky girl!
First, I was lucky enough to win
a special prize at Primitiques 'N Poetry!

Yes, Mindy surprised me by announcing
that I had the winning comment
on her 400th post!
Woo Hoo!

This is what I won!
Mindy let me pick the magazine I want
and this is it!
I can't wait!

Then my buddy, Tristan, from
informed me I was the first person
to get the answer right to his quiz!

Frank Sinatra was the answer.
Tristan doesn't know that Frank Sinatra
is my answer to every question! :)

I got this is the mail from Tristan!

I admit that I have never made Sushi,
but my kids do, so they will be impressed
when old Mom whips out Sushi
instead of turkey for Thanksgiving! :)

I had to share all the lovely cards that Tristan
included in my beautifully decorated
prize package!

Absolutely gorgeous, aren't they?

And some of the cards feature
Tristan's artwork!

I'm impressed! Aren't you?

I screamed when I saw this card!
You know why?

Because it is so dang cool?

Well, yes, that is one reason I screamed...
because this photo sends me over the edge!

You know the other reason I screamed?

Last year, I was in an online bidding war
for the original of this very photo!
I wanted it like crazy!

I had no idea that the person I was
madly bidding against was Tristan!!!

Obviously, Tristan has more money than me...
and now he has this STUNNING photo too!
I'm jealous, Tristan!

But thanks for the COPY...
with your name on it! :)

Before I get to the next prize,
just let me say that this is Robelyn
She always has a glass in her hand...
if you know what I mean!

She is constantly trying to say that the drink
belongs to someone else!
I mean...look at her!

No, Robelyn...
your glass doesn't belong to Tristan!

Nice try though!

Speaking of Robelyn...

This is what I won from her!

I ain't kidding you!

All I had to do was win a spelling bee!

Thank goodness it weren't no grammar contest!

I hate to tell you this,
but Robelyn can't spell!

As one contestant pointed out...
she can't even spell her name...
look at the way she spells her name!

What a shame!
Those people in Wacko are different!

SERIOUSLY, I had SO, SO much FUN with
red neck Chic's spelling bee!
I was obnoxiously thorough!

I knew that college degree in
Interdisciplinary English would come in handy
one of these days!

Thank you so much, Robelyn (sp)!

But that's not all!!!
I also won something from this lovely woman
in turquoise!
Yes, this is Janet...
I think.

Okay, I'm going to be honest here.
I have never met Janet live and in person.
However, I found this photo and I think
this is what Janet looks like! :)
Is this you, Janet?
If this is not you,
this is what you should look like! :)

Who is Janet?
You know Janet!

And this is what I won from Janet!
Oh, yeah...handmade tags!

These fantastic tags were part of the
spelling bee prize package!

After all, one of the spelling bee officials
had to be sober!


And, while you are here,
don't forget that Mindy is having
a Dress Up Party at
on Saturday, June 19th from 10-3!



Thanks to SnakeLover for some great photos!
Tristan's photo was created by Dollybelle's Peepshow!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ha! Without question, you are a winner! But, this is just crazy!!! Congrats to you and thanks so much for the shout out and mention. We are looking forward to seeing you and Lurch Saturday! ~Mindy

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Lucky girl!

And be warned, I'm coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner now!

red.neck chic said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll bring you a mason jar 'cause mine is mine!!! I'll even dig in the redneck cooler and share my.... well, whatever the drink of the day is (you never know!!!) with you!!!

Dang - Tristan needs to share that photo. Just imagine her with a purse hanging from her hand... heehee She is gorgeous!!! Or is that gorgus? beeeeautiful?

GREAT mag choice! If - at some point - you walk into your living room and I'm sitting there with my feet kicked up while thumbing thru it, think nothing of it - I'll share my mason jar. or glass. or the bottle I could be hitting.

Janet... now she can speal! I'm glad you two can - somebody's gotta keep me in line! And I'm with Anne - see you Thanksgiving?

:-D Love it and THANK YOU!!!