Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where This Blogger Creates!

It is show time!

I am participating in
Where Women Create II
sponsored by Karen Valentine
There are over 450 people
who are sharing peeks into their studios!
How neat is that?

Go HERE to take the tour yourself!

Let me tell you a little bit about my studio...
my workspace...
my creative space.

My studio started out as a small
dining space off of my kitchen.
When my mother was diagnosed with cancer,
I needed to create a space for her to recuperate...
a space without stairs
to the kitchen or bathroom.
The only space in my split level house was a small
dining area off the kitchen,
so it became a living area for Mom.
As Mom's health and strength improved,
her space was moved to a more private area
and my studio was born!

I have not been at home the past couple of weeks,
so I did not have the opportunity
to stage my studio,
so what you see is what you get!

This work table came from an old train station
in the town where my husband
played college football.
I had to have it for him!

There are two tables in the studio so that we can
work at the same time,
but you know how that goes...
I usually take up the whole space!

Please pretend you don't see the blue
painter's tape on the ceiling!
It has been there longer than you can imagine!
This is a job our contractor never finished
and we are being stubborn!

This beautiful, chippy, turquoise cabinet
was a gift from a dear friend.

Are you wondering about that odd
bird cage?

It houses my awarding-winning, prize bird dogs!

This is the second work area
in the studio.

I like the sit at this desk...
I can see everything going on in
the family room which is just
a few steps down from the studio!

Before my husband had his health issues...
two heart surgeries and a spine surgery...
we were looking for an old pick up truck
to restore. Now, we have to settle for this
little, blue truck hauling chandelier crystals

One of my flour sack tea towel
creations is shown here.

My lady lamp offers the perfect
canvas for inspiring photos!

I love it when she is "turned on"!

Opposite the work table,
tile-topped cabinets run the length
of the room under a wall of windows.

Here is one of my thrift store finds.
A little paint and some Mama love
turned it into great storage for the studio.

Notice the cute little lamp shade on top
of the storage cabinet?
I make those too.

Never know what you will find
behind closed doors!

On a normal day in the studio,
you will see something like this...

and this!

Notice how the machine fits
perfectly into the compartment
in the old train station table?
Cool, huh?

With this sewing machine,
I make these...

shoulder sling tote bags!

I love to alter items with vintage fabric,
lace, photos, jewelry and words!

That handy dandy little sewing machine
helps me make unique greeting cards!

My studio displays my fabric wall art too!

I have to be creative to find enough wall space
for display, so this padded and mirrored
screen/wall divider offers
additional display space!

Vintage items offer interesting ways
to store art supplies.

I don't know about you,
but I go through a lot of glue sticks
in my studio!

I have to use a lot of glue sticks to make this...

and this!

And at the end of a long day in the studio,
I often enjoy a glass of wine.
Who knows how I might use these?

What would a studio be without
shared art from friends?

My inspiration board is full of mementos
from friends! See anything of yours here?

Don't tell anybody...
but, sometimes, my studio looks like this!

Don't worry...
that means art is being born!
After all, we are in a "art birthing studio"!

Next time you are in Texas,
stop by for a visit!

Just call first so I can clean up!

Hope you enjoyed the tour
and hope you visit My Desert Cottage
so you can visit the other 450 participants!

Better pack a cooler...
it's gonna be a long trip!

57 comments: said...

What a fantastic table you found from the train station!

BLISS angels said...

Thanks for sharing your studoi it is wonderful I love, love the stained glass window.. and your work. come visit me I will put the kettle on Tea or coffee??? Hugs ~Wendy at Blissangels

Isabel said...

Well staged or not i enjoyed your special creative space!!:O) Thanx for sharing:O) Isabel

Diane said...

Hi Malisa--thanks for stopping by and seeing my tiny studio. Yours is a wonderland, and I love what you create in there--you are truly using the gift that was given to you--well done!!

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh what a fabulous place you have here! I so love chippy old furniture, eventho I don't have any. I sure love yours!!!

thanks so much for sharing this with us.


Debora said...

Malisa, thank you for dropping by my studio and for your sweet comments about my bears! :o) It was fun to stop in and visit your studio and see your creations. And I don't know what you're talking about when you say "mess"--we need all those things for creating, don't we!


Becca said...

Hi! Yes, I love your space. :-) The desk is great and I love the blue chippy cabinet. I would like to find something like that. Your artwork is beautiful. Love the sling bag. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me such a nice comment!

Marina Capano said...

Hi!What a nice space!
Beautiful, thank you for sharing!!!!


Sue said...

I think my favorite thing in your studio was that little BFF chain thing on your lamp! I am jealous of all your light and the VIEW! I would die for a view, well not die, but would love to have a better view than my neighbors bathroom window!! Your bulletin board was also pretty special too! I hear that Country Roads is a pretty awesome store!

Take care my friend, Sue

Prencie said...

VERY cool space!! Love the story behind the desk!!:) Who doesn't love a good furniture story!?!? I also love the lamp idea:) and when she's "turned on" hee hee:) Love it all!:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Prior said...

I love your creating space and neat that something good came from your Moma's illness. That desk is way cool and those chippy cabinets are too! Thanks for showing us around. Lezlee

Janet Bernasconi said...

Love your work area! So glad I stopped by.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Linda Robinson said...

Now that looks like a great place to create.. What a wonderful and unique desk you have. Perfect for your sewing machine. And I just love your Fabic creations. You know how to use a sewing machine girly! I had a blast visiting you space. I have never been to the big state of Texas but if I do I will give you a ring. Thank for stopping by my little space and leaving such a sweet message!

Hugs, Linda

zandra said...

Love your stain glass window! What a great shabby chic creative space! So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party!

Claudia said...

Love your space - the table you found is fantastic, your stained glass window is gorgeous! And I am crazy about that chippy turquoise cabinet. It looks like you've created a wonderful studio space. I'm glad your mother and your husband have recovered. Thanks for sharing your space with us.


peppermint said...

How wonderful you got to have a creative space after mom recuped! Love the desk and chippy cabinet. I love how you used every day treasures to hold your art supplies. Thank you for the tour!

Live Creatively!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Hey you - that's a great studio. I love your creations, your husband and his "little piece of work" is fabulous - I'd paint it black and lastly your grandsons have the cutest names ever!
I could spend all day on your blog but I have to move on.
xoxo Nancy in Pflugerville by Austin and where are U????

Queen Bee said...

What a terrific space! Love the blue storage cabinet!
Queen Bee Studio

oldgreymare said...

Well, I don't really know what to focus on because there is so much to look at and enjoy.

I will say one thing off the main track that caught my eye was the pic of Madisyn. WoW! What a precious photo. I assume grandchild?

I would have to have that photo life size it is so adorable.

Enjoy the party


Jane said...

I really enjoyed the tour of your creative space. I love the table from the train station and the chippy cabinet was an awesome piece too.
You create some beautiful art. I enjoyed seeing your space and getting to know a little about you.
I'll be back.

LP Vintage said...

What a nice bright studio - love the stained glass windows and the wall colour! And what great shoulder tote bags you make!!

Lisa said...

Love your space and the paper wreath is just absolutely beautiful!!!!
Have a good night!!

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

Thanks for the tour, Malisa, and thanks for visiting my studio, too! I'd say yours looks pretty darned good without the staging!

Robin said...

Love everything about your space! Don't know how you get anything done with those gorgeous windows. May God bless your mother and your hubby! ~Robin~

Gail said...

Love it, even the "messes" because that's something that all of us artists can identify with!! Thanks for sharing your space with the world! It's fantastic...:)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

CATHY said...

Hi Malisa,
Thanks for stopping my blog. I am glad you like my view. My husband asked shy are you showing that??? Husbands : )
I love your turquoise cabinet. So pretty as are your collages. I think I have that red striped fabric! Cheers from Brussels.

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Ahh your space has it all covered:
gorgeous windows, chippy furniture, awesome desk, fun things to look at, creative talent everywhere. So, now when can I come over and play?
thanks for sharing and looking at my space,

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I was impressed with your creativity right from the get-go, Malisa, but now that I see your studio, I'm more than impressed, I'm awed. It's a wonderful, creative space.

Tobi Britton* said...

What an awesome space!
Love your stained glass and train station table and cabinets- oh and I also love your stubbornness about the painters tape- sounds like we are kindred spirits!
Thanks for having us over!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

red.neck chic said...

I'm in Texas already - and I'm on my way. But - don't be surprised if I bring half of your COOLEST STUFF EVER back with me! I'll trade you my fabric? LOLOL

I am crazy jealous about all of your windows!!!

Crap - I'm going back to look at it all again... mainly your cool table!!! I love it when there's a story along with furniture!!!

:-D robelyn

June said...

Malisa, your studio is an amazing place to create. No wonder beautiful are made here.

kluless said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your space - especially the blue cabinet and the liitle blue truck. And your sense of humor is priceless! Thank you so much for sharing.

Lovey said...

Fabulous! Love it! Thanks my friend for allowing us into your creative world! Smiles...Lovey

Jill said...

Your space is wonderful as are all your creations in it! The vintage pieces have so much charm. I think your lamp is PERFECT! I'm glad you stopped by and I got to meet you.

the gypsy said...

A great studio - and we all know about the mess! Good for your mother's recovery!

Diane@InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Malisa-

What a wonderful place to work. My desks base was made from a file cabinet my father in law picked up at the Reading Railroad years ago - I enjoyed the story about how you came about yours. I love all the cabinets you have around your studio - helps to keep things organized.
Thanks for the tour. Your granddaughter and husband sure look like they have a good time together - wonderful photos.
My best - Diane

La Doña Jenny said...

Hello Malisa,

I really enjoyed how you engaged us while sharing your creative space. Thank you for sharing with us. And I must admit as well, my space does not alwys look neat and organized. I must upload a picture of when, as you say, "art is being born".


Liz said...

You have a wonderful space. The stain glassed windows make it look even more artsy. :)


Marianne@Songbird said...

You have some amazing things in there. I love the lady lamp! And your sewing machine can do some serious exciting stitches. Mine is just a straight stitcher, still dreaming about a fancy one.
Happy creating to you!

Connie said...

Your space is charming, sweetpea, but I love the post about "th' man" better. What a tribute to someone you love! Nice to meet ya, sugar!

time-worn interiors said...

Great place for such a creative mind! Love the table from the train station!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

That train table is fabulous! Even more special since it has a sentimental memory attached to it! Love all your vintage pieces and the wall of windows! Xo, Sue

MosaicMagpie said...

Wow! What a space and I love all the different things you create. Thank you for visiting me. I need to go to Texas and learn the BIG way to have a work space. Thanks for sharing.

Jillayne said...

I love the stained glass and I "stubbornly" ignored the painetr's tape. You have a beautiful room and thank you for the tour!

Karen Valentine said...

Oh I had such a nice visit! Your room is lovely and I am jealous that you sweet works in there with you! The pieces you have are very beautiful with their age and patina. And yes, the painters tape had me cracking up too! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!
My Desert Cottage

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love your unique storage for your glue sticks! AND your train station table is great. Thank you for inviting us to visit.

Terri said...

Cool Space! Love all that natural light coming through those lovely stained glass windows! TFS.

donnaj said...

great space-even with work in progress it's cleaner than mine! :)

Anonymous said...

I love everything about your crafting space...that wonderful desk, the gorgeous cabinet, the girly's all just charming! And the bags you make are lovely, clever girl.

Thank you so much for showing me around!


Halle said...

I enjoy your humor as much as I enjoyed your workspace!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great space! I love your stain glass window! Of course it should look like this ~ there is creating going on. : ) Love all the little things you have put to work as storage.

Miss Sandy said...

What an awesome space! I love the doll lamp! I recently saw a pair of those in an antique store but the owner would not price them, so, I sadly left them behind, perhaps on another day. Your art is just awesome! Thank you for sharing.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Looks like a wonderful studio to create in, or give birth to art in. LOL. Thanks so much for the visit. Connie

Artzy Heart said...

Love your space....especially all your vintage pieces! The only vintage, chippy things I ever had were cleared out and distroyed my my not so darling (at the time) sons in their quest to declutter the garage. Thank you so much for sharing...I enjoyed my visit here.

Scrapping With Sherry said...

Your windows are gorgeous. I would have a hard time getting work done just daydreaming into those throughout the day. I am trying to finish up the list of where bloggers create link party... It is taking me a while. But I am determined. Love to drool over others craft areas... I have only been blogging for about 3 wks but I would be honored if you would stop by for a visit at Take care~ Sherry

Anonymous said...

Lots of fun goodies in your studio! Love your collage/layering technique for your projects --lots of great details there. The old book pages make such a pretty flower. And love the stained glass in there! :D