Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is Your Bathroom A Dream or Nightmare?

Want to see a picture of
my dream bathroom?

It is beautiful,
isn't it?

Or how about this one?
Takes my breath away!

Uptown, baby, uptown!

There is something about
this stainless steel tub
that blends in with this
nature setting.

Wow, wow...double wow!
The best of both worlds.
This tub is based on the old
claw foot tub, but is modernized
with stainless steel.

Would someone draw my bath,

I might never get out of
this bathroom!

Talk about a room for inspiration
and meditation! Unbelievable!

Getting the idea of what I
want in a bathroom?

Well, here are a few things
I don't want...
Seriously, Lurch and I are together
enough! We don't need one of these!

Oh, great! More family time!

As pretty as the stainless steel tub is,
I would feel like a lobster
waiting for the boiling water.
No, thanks!

Everything has to be about sports?

Lurch and the boys might like
this in their bathroom,
but it ain't happening!

Anyone who wants to use one of my
bathrooms, needs to know how to
assume the position!
If I have to start giving guests directions,
I will stop having guests!

Madisyn would probably love this
princess shoe bathtub
at Grammy's house,
but it ain't gonna happen.

There are some things that just
don't need to be bedazzled!

Keep your hobbies out of
my bathroom!
This must have been
one serious musician!

Do I even need to say anything
about this fish bowl toilet?

"Love me tender
love me sweet,
never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
and I love you so."

No, I don't want to think of Elvis
when I go to the bathroom!

Candy potty?
Bet this is one sticky mess!

After I pop my Ambien,
I would hate to see this...

or this!

Now you know what I don't want!
Oh, there is one more thing.
It's another one of those pictures
that need a warning!
So don't look if you are going
to be offended!
You have been warned!

I don't want one of these in
my dream bathroom...

You looked!
I knew you would!


Cyn said...

HAHA I would have the last pics in my bathroom..if I didnt have kids..or family lol

Thanks for sharing such great pics as always!

Sue said...

We could use a few of these at Country Roads. Although, they would NEVER look this nice after some of our customers "visited" them!

Take care, Sue

Linda said...

FUN post! It was fun seeing some of the crazy bathrooms out there!

red.neck chic said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so going to go glue sparkles on to my toilet - RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

;-D xoxoxo

sissie said...

They just kept gettin better and better! LOL!
That last one was a doozey for sure, I don't want to think about what might have been on the other sink and other parts of the bathroom!

Too funny. I am getting a real kick out of this post.


jeff campbell said...

So Malisa...has your life gone to pot...or in the toilet? Pretty cool stuff ;-) Blessings

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Bathrooms and toilets don't do much for me, for some reason, and neither does that penis faucet, although it's clever. I wouldn't mind a nice loft in the city, though.

Judy said...

Didn't realize there were so many styles out there...I want one of those faucets in my bathroom...

DD said...