Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Are Invited To A Blog Party!

Listen, I don't know about you,
but I listen to Debbie of Trash Talk!

I do what she tells me!

I suggest you do the same!

You know what she is telling
you right now?

(Hi, Cher, Mindy and Debbie!)

Debbie is telling you...
yes, you...
she's pointing right at you...
that you better be coming to the
BLOG PARTY at Zapp Hall!

When Debbie points that finger at you,
I suggest you do it!

When is the BLOG PARTY?
It is Sunday, September 26 at 6pm.

Where is the BLOG PARTY?
Right in front of ZAPP HALL...
duringTexas Antique Week in
Round Top and Warrenton.

What is a BLOG PARTY?
It is a fun opportunity for bloggers
to finally meet face to face!
Some wonderful friendships
started right at this BLOG PARTY!

Do I need to bring anything to

Hostess Theresa (more about her later)
has asked party goers to bring
a finger food for the party.
Theresa (I'm gettin' to her, be patient)
has issued a fun challenge to us junkers.
The challenge?
Bring your snack in a fun junk container!
The most creative food container WINS A PRIZE!
Sounds like fun, huh?

I just have one word of warning....
Look out for these two women!
They may look innocent,
but don't be fooled!
Mindy and Debbie will be out to win...
and they are two creative souls!

now who is the BLOG PARTY
hostess with the mostest?

This pretty woman...
Theresa Cano of
Yes, the BLOG PARTY is the brain child
of this creative woman.
The BLOG PARTY is held at her tent
which is right in front of Zapp Hall.
Theresa has hosted this event for years now
and she does a bang up job of it!

You don't have to register to come
to the party...just come!
However, if you would like to register,

Theresa always has wonderful surprise guests
for her partying bloggers!
Wonder who we will get to meet
this year?

Just look for her lovely face,
introduce yourself
and enjoy her fantastic party!
You might even walk away with
the big prize!

So, come on out to Theresa's BLOG PARTY...
at party central!

And while you are there with your
bestest blogging buddies,
take a dozen steps over to
Pent-Up Photos
and have your group photos made!
We will put you and your friends
"over the moon"...


red.neck chic said...

i could bring a cool container, but do you REALLY want me to cook? Or... anything centered around food products? hmmmm....


;-D See ya in a few days!!!

Sue said...

What a good little promoter you are! I would just LOVE to bring a bunch of stuff, but I'm stuck out here WORKING at the store! One day, that is what I've promised myself.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

M, thanks for posting this. It's going to be a fun time for sure. And Robelyn, you know they make so many prepared things now that you don't have to cook, just bring something in a creative container. I know she's creative, just look at her pretty purses. I do have a RSVP on the post you mentioned here. Thanks again Malisa, looking forward to seeing your great things and having fun at the party!

trash talk said...

OOHH! Brain overloadl...so many comments to make...where to start?
First I'd just like to say that the finger food I'll be bringing isn't the one I'm pointing...I'm going to be giving you that one!
Second...I think RobUhLyn should bring her snack in a RedNeckChic handbag don't you?
SweetT has no idea what a god time this one promises to be!
Photo op time...ladies, start your engines!


The Primitique said...

I am feeling like a movie star with all those pics you put up! I am so looking forward to playing with you at Zapp and seeing everyone! Good times are coming our way! ~Mindy

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I can't come, but I want to. I really, really want to. I want to more than almost anything because I want to get dressed up as a flapper and have my picture taken on a paper moon.

Wait! Did I say that outloud?


Oh, no matter. I am who I am, and I think it would be fun even if I had to dress like a flapper.

Actually, I guess she isn't a flapper now that I think about it. What do you call that sort of outfit, anyway?

Yaya Chique said...


lulu redstar said...

Gurl...Those blog parties are more fun than the law allows...and I would know about all things law-related...
I think you guys should have a 'call-in' show for all us poor blogger shut-ins who cain't make it but are there in spirit.
Pass the bottle....Trash, you got a smoke?.....say cheese! oxox

red.neck chic said...

I have a plan... a diabolical plan... it involves a container (or few) - non-cooked food products...

and duct tape.