Saturday, October 30, 2010

Arrggghhhhh! Happy Halloween!

Ahoy, Mateys!

Want to see something
that will put
a little treat
in your trick?

I would walk the
gang plank for this
crew anytime!

Notice that Fair
Maiden Madisyn
is controlling the boys
with her sword!


Give me candy or
I will give you
terror beyond
your wildest dreams!


"Just don't leave me
duct taped to the mast...

Shiver me timbers,
better hope these
Pent-Up Pirates
don't show up
at your door tonight!



Sue said...

Oh my God, I just got home and fell in love all over again with those little kids. And my boy Tango, wow, he is growing too fast. You are one lucky Grandma with those precious little babies of yours, arrrggghhhh!

Take care, Sue

The Green Pea said...

Very cute little buggers! sandi

Ann said...

oh, they are just so precious!!! You have much to be proud of!

Sue said...

Oh my! Could they be any cuter!!

You are definitely blessed.

Happy Halloween to you too.


trash talk said...

Ahoy matey...fair warning. If they show up on my front ain't getting 'em back...they're mine! Sabe`?