Sunday, October 10, 2010

Change Is Good...Divine Intervention Is Better!

There are some changes
coming to this blog...

and to my life.

The last couple of years have been tough.
I have been scared of the changes that were happening.
But now, I feel hopeful.
Changes are happening with the help of...


"We are each of us angels with only one wing,
and we can only fly by embracing one another."
Luciano de Crecenzo

It is true...

and I am feeling the embraces
from some very special angels.

Cheryl Evans Lehane
and her sister...
blessed me with their words
of encouragement and
acts of generosity and faith.

I believe that their entrance
into my world was not by chance.

Then there is the angel that
has been by my side for years...
and continues to be there
when I need her.
Thank you, Rhonda!
(Also a big thanks to Rhonda's daughter,
Taylor, who is featured in my new header!)

Your support and unconditional love
has helped me through
the roughest of times.

A wonderful, new angel in my life
has endeared herself to me with
her free spirit and daily words
of humor and encouragement...
sweet, sweet Robelyn

her sweet spirit
still floats around me.

Now these people are not usually
behind the scenes...
they are usually up front and center.
But I happen to know that recently,
they have been working overtime backstage...
making sure that this pent-up girl
is headed in the right direction.
Debbie, Cat Daddy and Jodie might have you fooled,
but I know they are top shelf angels!

Their love and laughter
remains with me still.

Let me not forget the angel who hovers
around me daily...
the one who keeps me on track
with advice, support and friendship...
I know that Sue was brought into
my life for a reason.
She is my constant companion even though
we are so geographically so far apart!
My best buddy, Sue, is truly an angel!

Believe me...
there are other important angels in my life.
You will recognize them when you see
their feathers floating around.

Just want you all to know how much
I appreciate your support!
Currently, Lurch and I are dealing
with another medical hurdle,
but I will soon be posting pics of
my adventures at The Zapp Hall Antique Show...
complete with more pics of some of my angels
who walk here on earth.

I hope you enjoy the new direction
my blog is taking...
I will be posting more about the changes soon!

Look for the feathers and take time
to thank your own angels!


peggy gatto said...

This made me feel , just so comfortable.
thank you

Healing Woman said...

Lovely post of gratitude. It is true, angels are everywhere.

red.neck chic said...

I love you. I do.

That simple. Besides... I'm thinkin' you are the one with wings...

;-D xoxoxo

p.s. ROCK ON!!! Let's get this blog-baby STARTED!!! Before you know it you're gonna need a 20' box truck to take your Pent-Up crew around - then we can put wings down the side... and on the cab of the truck we can do these whole devil horn things! THEN! We'll SO do the tail...

;-D xoxoxoxo
(Thank You!!!)

sissie said...

I know there are angels in my life and it's truly a blessing. I'm so glad that you have so many in your life too.


trash talk said...

Girl, I think you're an angel too...'course the two of us have our halos on a little crooked!
Thank you for being my friend.
P.S. Top Shelf...does that change my name to Margarita?

Sue said...

What, Nate's not your angel too? I'm nothing special, just a person, a friend, an individual that believes in doing what is "right" in life, helping others when I can, paying it forward, that kind of stuff. And when someone is my friend, such as you, there is NOTHING I wouldn't do for you. I think you know that already! I love you girl!


Kate said...

Such a beautiful post. Some of your angels have been blessings to my life as well. Sue is at the top of my list. Thank you for sharing this special post.

Blessings to you

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Good God girl...does HE know that he let all of these angels LOOSE?
You make us all look so gorgeous Malisa...YOU are the angel :)))

Since I'm here, I have a message from up above...
You have a jar of pepper jelly coming to you! Send me your MAILING ADDRESS please girlie!!!!!