Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday Season Is Coming...Book Us Now!

Want your event
to be a hit?
Pent-Up Photos to the rescue!

Pent-Up Photos offers
your guests a unique gift...
quality photos in a heavenly setting.

Pent-Up Photos is currently booking:

holiday parties
grand openings
wedding receptions
birthday parties
corporate events
proms, galas and balls
trade shows
trunk showings
fund raisers
customer appreciation

Got an event coming up?
Get on our calendar now!

Need a special background?
Contact us and we will work with you!

Why rent a plain old photo booth,
when you can have...


Linda Medrano said...

I love these photos! Lovely!

Sue said...

Tim is bugging me to have a Country Roads Christmas party, I keep telling him no. Maybe we need to have one and book you! Now wouldn't that be fun!

Take care, Sue

PS I'm liking all the promo stuff you got going on, keep it up girl!