Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eat It Up!

Time to shake it up around here!

Time for a contest,
don't you think?

Something simple...
like me.

Let me think.

What do we like to do?

Nah, I had a drinking contest last weekend.
I won.
No contest.
Lurch can't hold his liquor while he's on pain killers!

I'm kidding, people!

What else do we all have in common?

How about...


This weekend, I will posting a contest about Texas restaurants.

Not from Texas?
Don't worry.
The contest is a matching game...
and you can guess!

The person who gets all the correct answers first will be the winner.

Yes, there will be a prize!


Going to the grocery store?
Don't leave this off your list!

Bet a little shot of this in the eyeballs
would do the trick!



Linda Medrano said...

That "Off" is a little Southern humor, isn't it? Keep in mind, my grandma was from Arkansas and Mom was from Oklahoma. We understand those things! Look at Jerry Lee Lewis!

Malisa said...

Linda: Ha! I hadn't even thought about the "off"! Too, too funny!