Friday, February 25, 2011

Eight Years Ago Today...

My life totally changed eight years ago today.

Eight years ago, I was living through a breast cancer scare and was undergoing multitudes of tests at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Eight years ago, I had just lost my long-time best friend to a brutal battle with brain cancer.

Eight years ago today, I was living in a place I didn’t want to live in and working in a career I didn’t want to stay in.

Eight years ago today, my outlets for creativity were gone and my hopes for the future were being extinguished.

When I woke up on the morning of February 25, 2003, I never imagined that my life would never be the same.

Lurch and I drove to the hospital that morning, totally unaware of the changes we would face that day.

It was a long, exhausting day. Nerves were on edge. Smiles slipped out between tears. Machines beeped, monitors squealed and medicines dripped.

Then suddenly there were orders barked and panic filled the air as a sudden rush of figures clad in surgical scrubs stampeded down the hallway wrangling the hospital bed and patient toward the surgical suite leaving puddles of blood along the corridor floor.

Between tears and prayers, I looked up to see a man in scrubs slowly walking toward us. With trepidation, I grabbed Lurch’s hand and whispered the dreaded word “doctor”. Lurch shook his head in disagreement and said “no, it’s your son”.

Then our son was upon us with a look on his face that I had never seen before. Tears were in his eyes and a blanket was in his grasp. He placed the blanket in my arms. The magic was done.

My granddaughter was in my arms.

Our eyes met and my world changed.

She blinked her beautiful little eyes trying to adjust to the bright glow which must have been emanating from my face. In that blink, I suddenly knew that I was now strong enough to fight the fiercest disease. I understood that I had just seen the face of the precious soul who would be my new best friend. I realized that I could handle any career in order to help take care of her. I no longer cared where I lived as long as I was close to her. I became aware that my very source of creativity was cradled in my arms and that all of my life’s hopes had just begun.

Eight years ago today, Madisyn Paige was given life by her mother and father, and in doing so, life was given to us.


We love you!

Grammy and Grande


Sue said...

Such a beautiful little girl, such a beautiful post that it brought tears to my eyes! There is something very special about the first born grandbaby. You love them all the same, but the first born always grabs hold of your heart the strongest! Happy Birthday Madi!

Take care, Sue

sissie said...

After reading your post about your little granddaughter my heart is filled with joy! She is precious and beautiful and I'm so happy for you.


Diane Mars said...

What a sweetheart, that is just how I feel about being a grandma oxox

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Isn't she growing to be such a pretty young lady! Congrats to her on her special day!!

Ann said...

thank you for a look into a very precious,special and personal moment in your life.Birthday wishes to your "special girl"!!!

The Primitique said...

MALisa, I know that she is your heart. You glow in your very writing about her. She is so very blessed to have you and to love you and to be loved by you. In a few years, perhaps she will write about her memories of you, as I wrote today of my Grandmom. ~Mindy

Cyn said...

what a wonderful story..she is such a cutie too! I too someday..HOPE to get to see our grand daughter Ayva. Its a LONG story..but I have hope :)

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I was going to suggest that you get her a card that says, "Happy Birthday, Granddaughter." But I guess this makes that look sorta lame now, doesn't it?

What a beautiful tribute, both in words and photos (your pictures are amazing, Malisa). Make sure to print this out and give her copy. She'll want it later in life.

Happy February 25th to you, too, by the way.

trash talk said...

Beautiful words for a beautiful little girl by her beautiful grandmother. In spite of the hard times prior to her coming into your life, God blessed you on this day...eight years ago.

Linda Medrano said...

What a post! I got tears as I compared it to my daughter's childbirth experience. My first grandson, Cyrus, was in my arms within 5 minutes of his cesarean birth. I don't remember ever feeling such a rush of pure love. He turned 18 in December and he is still my best friend, and sometimes my reason for living. Your grand daughter looks to be equal parts sunlight and moonbeams. She's breathtaking!