Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Houston Blizzard...Whatever.

All day Wednesday
and all day Thursday...

I looked out the window.
Waiting for the...

that the weathermen promised.

We have lived here for 14 years and it has snowed


So yesterday I jumped out of bed,
threw open the back door
and looked to the right.

No snow.

I looked to the left.

No snow.

All I found was this...

and this...

and this.

No snow...

just ice.

Good-bye sago palms...
I will miss you when you die.

Then I looked off the deck
and noticed the beautiful...
river running through our property!

We have a river?

Yes, yes we do...
after our pipes broke in four places...

and all our lovely water ran downhill to our neighbor's yard.

I thought the reason that we had no water for four days
was because our pipes were frozen.

Who knew we were creating a new pond
for the neighbors?

Of course, having no water meant having no flushing toilets,
so I have been filling buckets from the trickle in our kitchen
and running up and down the stairs our split level home
trying to maintain our dignity...
so so speak.

Even Sweetie is disappointed.
She loves snow.
She wasn't built to be an ice skater.
She would rather me carry her.

Speaking of carrying heavy things,
guess who is in charge of transporting the firewood
from the woodpile to the porch
and then into the house?

I wasn't built to be an ice skater either.

Guess I will just go back to the windows...
and wait for the snow.

Hope it doesn't take another 14 years.

Hope you enjoyed our snow, Dallas.


Blondie said...

Love it! Stay warm! Kori xoxo

Sue said...

Your pictures make me COLD! I don't understand snow, ice, pipes freezing and all that other COLD stuff! But I am envious of all the open land and space around your home. Hope the sun is shining your way soon my friend.

Take care, Sue

Linda Medrano said...

Oh Malisa, pack up Lurch and fly to SF. It's 78 degrees here. Bring Sweetie. She can play with Harry and Honey.

I hate being cold. I hate being hot too. I'm sorry you didn't get your snow, but I'm sorrier yet that your pipes burst. There's nothing worse than burst pipes! (Okay, there are worse things, but let's not go into them.)

Prior said...

Oh, I love your pictures, lol. We had one frozen the cold water in the washing machine...we capped it off and are becoming nudist!

Malisa said...

Thank goodness we have all that "open land". Four days without showers was gettin' bad!

Malisa said...
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MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I'm so sorry it didn't snow for you. I'd send some of ours if I could. We've had a couple of feet in the last several weeks. Cold, too. No burst pipes, though. That'd suck.