Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watch Out West Texas...Pent-Up Photos Is On The Way!

Attention all mothers,
grandmothers, aunts, godmothers,
fairy godmothers or any other doting person!

Pent-Up Photos is coming to West Texas!

So round up your little ones,
wash the West Texas dirt off their faces
and bring 'em to us!

We will fluff them up
and put em' on the moon!

Here are some of the precious kids who
visited us at the Zapp Hall Antique Show last month!

Look at this precious angel!
Isn't she out of this world?

These two adorable kids joined their aunt
to pose on the moon
after a night at the Junk Gypsy Prom!

Guess how much this little cowgirl loves you.
She loves you...

I didn't think this cutie pie could get any cuter...
until she looked at the moon like this!
That expression is priceless!

These sisters had just arrived in Texas
after fleeing the devastation in Japan.
They arrived with their Mom and ONE suitcase...
that's it...
that's all they were allowed to bring!
Looks like they brought their sisterly love with them though!

This young man wanted a top hat and bunny ears!
He was a rather sophisticated prankster...

until his brother arrived on the scene!

Seriously, these brothers were having
so much fun posing!

Cousins get in the action for the camera.
What a delightful family!

You calling the kids in the house yet, Mom?

You can wait a few days...
Pent-Up Photos won't be in West Texas
until next week!

Look for us here...
the premier vintage market in West Texas!
We are excited to be heading West!
Hope you can make it to
Black Locust Farm in Ira, Texas
on April 29-30!

Here is a poster giving you more details!
Please go visit Petticoats on the Prairie
on FaceBook
and visit their blog HERE.

Did I mention that Pent-Up Photos isn't just for kids?
The majority of our photos feature grown men and women
acting like they are kids!

Stay tuned...
you know I'm gonna have some good photos to share!


Cat said...

We are so excited to have you coming to Petticoats!

Linda Medrano said...

Wow! Those photos are so fantastic! I have a 6 year old grand daughter named Abbey. I would so love to get her photo made by you! These are wonderful. I want one of me too!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Malisa, I feel stupid asking you this, but do you take these photos? I ask because I've always assumed that it's you because you're such a creative person. They're simply wonderful -- beautifully lighted and composed, and, most importantly, you've captured these wonderful children and others at the perfect moments. I especially like the one with the big hats. :)

Sue said...

Great photos! I love the first little girl that is posing for "Girls Gone Wild"! Too cute.

Take care, Sue

Malisa said...

Cat: Can't wait to see all you Rodeo Queens and be in West Texas!

Divine Miss Linda: Girlfriend, you bring Abbey to Texas and I will make you a wonderful memory to carry home with you! Glad you like them!

Mike: Despite my huge staff (ha), I do indeed take all the photos.Nobody to blame if it goes wrong! Thanks for your compliments!

Sue: I need all three of your beautiful babies on the moon! That would be a great photo!