Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Suggestions Needed!

My art partner in crime, Madisyn,
is mine...all mine...this week!

I can't tell you how happy that makes me!

We have started an art project
and need your help in completing it!

Here is what we have done so far.

We used what we already had to start
a new art adventure.

I had a pack of 250 colored drinking straws
that I got from HEB for a buck.

We cut the straws in many different lengths.
That was fun!
The straws jumped around like jumping beans
when they were cut.

We put Grande in charge of picking up the pieces
that jumped on the floor!

I had a piece of black mat board that we used
as a background for the straws.

Madisyn just glued the straws to the mat board.

We only had one rule.

No straws of the same color could touch.

So now we have this great colorful art...
and we even have a frame to fit it!

Our question to you is this:
Is our colorful straw art ready for framing
or should we add something to it
and make the straws the background?

What is your suggestion?

Please send your suggestions soon...
because we have already started
another art project!

Wish you were here to have fun with us!

Please excuse the quality of the photos.
They are from my IPhone.


red.neck chic said...

okay - so you know me... FRAME IT!!! LOVE it!!! The colors rock!

Mal - she is like your very own mini-you!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

;-D robelyn

rkulhanek said...

Affix a photo of the three grandkids on top of the straws!

TBaker said...

I want to touch it so don't cover them up!That would make an awesome lamp shade.

Ann said...

how absolutely fun for all of you!!!!

Linda Medrano said...

Your art partner is GORGEOUS and talented to boot! What a pretty girl! I like the straws just as is. Very nice project!

Sue said...

I think you should glue one of those pix's of Madi you posted above on the straws. She is growing up too fast girl! She truly is a sweetheart.

Take care, Sue

trash talk said...

If you're looking to make a buck or two off of it...make a back sandwich board then let her wear it. I guarantee you that face and smile will sell it fifty times over!

Robin said...

a priceless moment...

So, what was the verdict...additional adornment or not?

Have a beautiful day