Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Make Me A Pallet...

Behold the lowly pallet.

I will warn you now that this post is long...
so many creative ideas to share
about creating items for your home with
the often discarded pallet.

What is a pallet?
A pallet is a wooden structure used to stack goods
for shipping and storage.
Pallets are constructed so that a forklift can easily pick them up.

Used pallets are an easy find and usually cheap or free...
thus the explosion of ideas for projects to make from pallets!

All of these photos are found on Pinterest.
If you don't know how Pinterest works, you need to!
Go to Pinterest HERE and do a search for wooden pallets.
You will find so many cool pictures!
See a picture you really like and you want to know how to make the project?
Just click on the picture and Pinterest will take you to the blog or site
which explains the steps in the process.
How cool is that?

You may have to be a member to search.
Just sign up to be a member. It is free!
You can also email me and I will send you an invitation to be a  member.

So here we go...

 a pallet used as a headboard.

 If I ever get an apartment in New Orleans or Paris,
I would gladly sleep on this pallet bed!

 Here pallets are utilized as headboards and footboards...

 and what a marvelous idea to create a pallet trundle bed!

 Do you need a daybed ?
It can be stationary...

 or on rollers!
(Notice the old door serving as a headboard?)

 These pallets are used to create a sofa, but that is too low for me!

 Awww...that's better!

 How about creating a reading nook for your 
kids or grandkids?

 Need any extra storage in your kitchen?

 How about a pot rack...

 or just a tiny little shelf?

 This bookshelf could be in any room.
I think it would be fantastic for a classroom!

 Why buy shelves for your photos...

 or for your child's room?

 How cool is this jewelry storage/display unit
made from a pallet and recycled wine bottle light?

 Tell me you don't need this in your closet
or by your front door!

The next photo is my FAVORITE pallet idea...
 of course, it would be!
It involves wine bottles and glasses!
Isn't this an awesome wine storage unit?

I couldn't stop myself when posting pictures of pallet coffee tables...

or end tables...

 or kitchen tables...

 or work tables!

There is no shortage of ideas on using pallets for wall art...

 or utilitarian!

How many times have you wished that you had a room divider?
 This would also be a creative way for vendors to display at shows!

Want to change a wall?
 take the boards off a pallet and put them on your wall!

 put the entire pallet on the wall 
and stain and varnish it...

or paint them!

Want to redo a staircase?

 Here you go!

Need a cheap alternative way to floor a room?
Looks great, doesn't it?

Have you run out of rooms in your house?
Well, let's go outside!
 How about a pallet bench...

 or an easy pool organizer?

 Just add a few soft cushions and you've got great lounge chairs!

 How about an outdoor table that you won't worry about weathering...

 or a quick and easy potting table?

Have a small balcony but want a garden?
 What a space saving idea!

 Or how about your own botanical garden
on your deck?
I will be trying this!

 You could always just put the pallets on the ground
and make you a nice little foot path to here...

 your own pallet playhouse! 

While you are in your playhouse, you could make this
for the holiday season...

and it's all from pallets!

All this talk about pallets
gives a new meaning to the song, "Make Me A Pallet On The Floor"
by Mississippi native, John Hurt.



rkulhanek said...

Where was this post when I was looking for headboard ideas??? Love it - the bar is one of my favorites...thanks for sharing!!

red.neck chic said...

i've lost you to pinterest, haven't i. that's why i no longer get random texts and/or phone calls.


i like the sectional!!! seriously... i like the sectional!!!

;-D robelyn

Sue said...

Old wood is SO hot right now! Even if the wood isn't old, but has the weathered look, it works. I LOVE the beds made from the pallets. Christie came in the store to see me on Saturday and encouraged me to do Pinterest. I signed up, but don't have any boards yet. It my free time, right?

Take care, Sue

My name is Cindy said...

Some really cool ideas here, people are so creative and inventive. But I really liked the look of those vertical gardens - what a great idea!!