Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ring A Ding Ding...My Arm's In A Sling!

Have you noticed I  haven't been on the computer much lately?
I'm injured.

Want to know about my new injury?

Lurch calls it:

Blogger Shoulder
Pinterest Shoulder
FaceBook Shoulder

But this is what it is really called...

I am in an arm sling.  
I am in pain.
I am worried because...
 it is my throwing arm!

No, not that kind of throwing arm.
Although it would be that kind of throwing arm if I wasn't so

It is this kind of throwing arm...
 you know,
the knife throwing arm...

 the drink in your face throwing arm...

 the "how dare you say that" arm!

Even more important...
 it is my drinking arm!

Yep, you heard me...
my drinking arm!

Do you know where I am spending the holidays?
 New Orleans!

I will be on Bourbon Street
with a bum drinking arm!

Guess I will have to get help from...
 my officially sanctioned drinking dog!


 use my newly developed artificial drinking arm!

 I might have to get one of these!

 But New Orleans isn't all about drinking!

It's also about drinking and...

Now how are Lurch and I going to get our groove on
with my bum shoulder?

Or how am I gonna...
 catch beads while I carry my drink?
I will only have one arm!

How in the world...
 can I take photos to share with you?
I will only have one hand!
Do I carry my camera
or carry my drink?

Maybe I could just...
 carry my camera in my drink!

 carry my drink in my camera!

Of course, it is hard to look stylish 
during Christmas in New Orleans
with my arm in a sling.

I certainly don't look like...
 Grace Kelly with her Hermes scarf sling.

Oh, no...
I look like this!

maybe there is an advantage to having
a sling on Bourbon Street!

Why don't you make yourself a bourbon and sit back
and enjoy a little Aaron Neville singing
Louisiana Christmas Day?


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Oh No!!! Malisa! Okay, you will just have to rig up some sort of contraption that can hang a canteen!!! And just use a VERY long straw!! Problem Solved! Right?

Lucky you~!! New Orleans for Christmas! Fun!!

Hope you feel better soon :(

Lou Cinda

Sue said...

I love the dog at the bar! I think that is my favorite photo! I hope your drinking arm and shoulder heal soon! But if not, obviously you've researched the alternatives!

Take care, Sue

Linda Medrano said...

Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry. I had a "frozen shoulder" and it was miserable but the RC is worse. Take it easy and be careful. When I have one thing racked up, I usually end up racking up something else trying to protect the injury.

Enjoy New Orleans. It's a great city! I love it!

I hope you were given good pain pills, but don't drink with them!

Ann said...

bless your heart!!
New Orleans ought to make it feel's one of my favorite cities!!