Tuesday, May 15, 2012

America's Got Talent And Her Name Is Beth Conklin!

It has been a long time since I have featured
anybody's work on this blog.
However, this artist caught my eye several months
 ago and I am now an addicted, manic fan!
 Meet Beth Conklin, artist extraordinaire.

Look at her clever sign.
Notice anything?
It could be my sign...sort of.
I am trying to be a digital artist.
 I think I am a photographer.
I absolutely am a hoarder of old photos.
Two out of three ain't bad!

 Look at this fantastic digital art that Beth created for Mother's Day!

She portrayed it like no one else.
She portrayed it like I would have...
if I had half her talent.

You notice anything else?
She quotes literary greats in much of her work.
She even quotes Flannery O'Connor, my favorite!
I love it.

 This amazing digital art was accompanied with a quote from Mae West.
"There are no good girls gone wrong-
just bad girls found out."

 Not all of Beth's work is lighthearted.
"Nobody's Daughter" is a moving work of art and 
tells a story which is a heart breaker.

 Beth's work is varied.
Some of it is altered reality, but most of it is pure fantasy.
"Catch The Wind" makes us all believe in the magic of friendship!

 "I Wish I Was The Moon" is the last image I will post for you,
 because I am very confident that you will be going to her blog,
Here On Earth,  HERE to see the rest of her work.
While you are there, follow her blog.
She's that good!

Beth's work can also be seen on her FaceBook page, Here On EarthHERE.
Like her page while you're there.
She's REALLY that good!

I am also featuring one of Beth's pieces of art on my other blog, Pent-Up PhotosHERE.
Yep, you got it...
because she's that good!

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