Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grammy's Awards: And The Winner Is...

I am so glad that you could join me for the awarding 
of the first, much coveted Grammy's Award.

All the survivors of Thirty Days of Photography II
will receive a special award designed uniquely for them
in their own personal ceremony.

Today, I am delighted to announce our first winner.

He has delighted us with his delightful photos featuring the bluest of skies.
His words and photos have made us all fear that death is hiding just around the corner.
Most importantly, he has educated us all.
He has taught us that birds will peck your eyes out.
That's what they do. 
They peck your eyes out.

So it was with much pride and extreme pleasure
that I present this special, special award
to a very special friend.

Michael Whiteman-Jones,
it is my honor to present you with...


Congratulations, MWJ!

Let's give Michael a big round of applause!
(No, not that kind of clap, Dufus.)

Until next time...

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