Wednesday, October 24, 2012

30 Days of Photographs...Day 24...M&Ms

Since my name starts with the letter M, I have quite a bit of M jewelry. However, some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are made from vintage metal labels which have been removed from old machinery. I know. I know. I'm funky like that. My favorite metal label is worn as a necklace. It is a super cool label by Robbins Lightning, Inc.  Whatever this label was attached to had an official serial number and was guaranteed to be lightning proof. I wear this necklace a lot during lightning storms. Yes, the letter M is attached to this label. That was the jewelry maker's addition and was not compliments of Robbins Lightning Inc. 

As a side note to my official photo entry for today, allow me to post one more photo. Yesterday, I texted Lurch to pick up some M&Ms because I might need to use them for a photo prop. Since Lurch is a diabetic, he never gets to hear me say "pick up candy." He was so helpful to bring home the M&Ms that I didn't even use. Did I mention that Lurch went a little overboard? I expected a little 99 cent pack of M&Ms. This is what I got. 

Yes, this PARTY SIZE SUPER DUPER JUMBO GRANDE package is almost blocking his full size coffee machine! I swear it weighs 10 pounds! Note to self: Never tell Lurch to buy candy. Ever.  M&Ms, anyone?

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