Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trash Talk Is Having A Slumber Party!

Guess who is having a

Debbie at Talking Trash!
And YOU are invited!
It will be so much fun!
There will be dancing...

and personal hygiene!
We can't let ourselves go,
can we?

You know that boys
will be coming over!

"Robelyn! Get back in this house!
Leave that boy alone!"

Don't worry about the
pillow fights...
Mindy will break up
any violent situations!

Sue and the other girls
will dance for joy
when Trash Talk gives away
her wonderful prizes !

Cat Daddy has planned
a doozy of a pillow fight
for any guys that show up!
I think he wants them to use up
all their energy!
Doesn't Tristan look cute
in his striped pajamas?

This is what I had planned
on wearing to Debbie's
Slumber Party...

until Lurch said that he
wants to go too!
So we are wearing our
matching Christmas jammies!
Aren't they cute?

I know that Texas Woman doesn't
feel like shopping,
so I got brought her some
pajamas for the night!
Come on, Cher!

Debbie has some great games
for us to play...
but I had to bring my
Ouija Board!

These will go well with
Trash Talk's Hot Dr. Pepper!

And you can't have a
slumber party without
bean dip!
Cat Daddy, PLEASE don't
let the boys have any!

In addition to styling
our own hair,
I thought it would
be fun to curl Debbie's dog's hair!
How cute she will be!

And I had to bring a few of
my favorite albums...
Gene Pitney...

Iron Butterfly...

Janis Joplin...

Jimi Hendrix...

Johnny Rivers...

The Association...


and The Doors!

What would a slumber party
be without cool music?

Hope we don't get too loud!

We sure don't want
to end up here!

So get in your jammies
and head on over to
to join the party!
Debbie is celebrating her
100,000th visitor!!!
Wow! Congratulations, Debbie!

We are gonna have so much fun!
Did I mention that Debbie is giving
away some wonderful prizes?

Come on over...
it will be fun...
and we'll talk about
the people who don't show up!


trash talk said...

Eeek...Gene Pitney!!! My fave and about a million german girls too! How did you know?
Girl, I just knew I could count on you to bring your Brownie and get some good photos!!! Look at me...I'm a Rockette! Tell Lurch he can party, but only until midnight and absolutely no musical sleeping bags! There will be hanky panky at my party...unless you're the baby who does the hanky panky of song fame! Thanks for all ways playing along with truly "get" me!
P.S Have I ever mentioned your my favorite? Also have I ever mentioned I'm friends with sisters whose granddaddy invented that bean dip recipe and sold it to Frito Lay? Cool beans, huh?

Mindy said...

David told y'all I had slipped in some egg nog. Yee haw! One fun party at the Cat House! ~Mindy

Tristan Robin said...

Joplin and The Doors ... that's my kind of party!

red.neck chic said...

DANG! (foot stomp goes here)

Do I HAVE to?!!? But I'm havin' SO much fun...
(battin' eyelashes go here.)

(Laughing so hard I think I just spit my hot dr. pepper out my nose goes here.)

;-) Robelyn

The Renaissance Chick said...

That is because there was too much booze in your hot Dr. Pepper! Believe me, I know! :)

icandy... said...

Oh, this post is a great one!!!! You are so much fun, I HAVE to check out that party! :)
Thank you so much for popping by my place!

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hey girlfriend!

Sounds like you girls had a blast! (lovin' the Janice!!!!) and I hope you didn't do anything I wouldn't do??? LOL

You and sweet man have a beautiful and snuggly Christmas. Give my love to all...and my clan sends theirs! Ryan wanted to make sure I told you "hey". :) Hope to see ya'll again soon! love and smooches...deb

Woman in a Window said...

You are nuts. Certifiable. HA!