Thursday, June 7, 2012

Excessively Concise

Okay, I admit it. I have lived a life of excess. I guess I never really bought into that theory of 
"having too much of a good thing". I have never been known for my frugal nature. No one has ever accused me of being subtle.  I have lived large, lived dramatically and lived on the edge.  I liked what I liked in excess

Getting older has made painfully aware of my life of excess. Paybacks are hell. 

Too short and sweet? Sorry. I don't have an excess of words today. But hop on over to We Work For Cheese and visit Nicky and Mike. They are entertaining. If they aren't entertaining, you can at least see a photo of a cat. While you are there, check out the list of other participants in 30 Days of Writing and read their entries for today. They will all have marvelous stories, but none of them will have a kick ass photo of  Nicky Mae West like I do. Is that good for a few extra bonus points, Nicky?

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