Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Change...

Welcome to our world. This is it. Too bad you got here right in the middle of it, but we are glad you are here! This is going to be an exciting journey for us...and we hope for you! We are on the road to happiness...with the top down...and a cooler in the back. Come on, jump in the backseat and let's go on this great adventure together!

What have we done with our lives up to this point? We have done the most important job in the world---we have been educators, administrators, role models, and surrogate parents. We have wiped too many eyes dry, worried ourselves sick over too many sad stories, stayed at school every night and every weekend and continue to counsel and boost the morale of kids! Would we trade a minute of it for anything? No! We have always been there for our students, but now it is time to be there for us! It is time to show our students that it is admirable and brave to follow your dreams and to take the chance!

You will soon be able to recognize our posts. Malisa is loud, boisterous, has a wicked sense of humor and will write prolifically---alot. Karen is quiet, introspective and knocks you out with her decorating style and artistic sensibilities.

Come on...we like to travel in packs!

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