Friday, November 14, 2008

Does It Get Any Better Than This?

Autumn in Texas is a special time! We wait patiently during the long, hot summer for the first morning that you wake up and smell Autumn in the air! That first smell of Autumn is an undeniable fragrance...a crisp smell in the air! When my boys were little, we learned to wait for that smell together. It was an event we waited for with anticipation each year. One of the boys, Evan or Eric, would run in the door and drag their dad and me outside..."It's coming, Mom! Do you smell it, Dad?" And like a family of deer, we would stand around and sniff the air, and repeat the ritual daily until the cooler days of Autumn finally arrived. Although those precious little boys are grown and have made their own homes in opposite corners of the state, we still practice our ritual! The phone will ring and I hear the voice of a grown man filled with the excitement of a young child, "I smelled it this morning, Mom! Can you smell it in the air there? It won't be long before Autumn is here!" Hand in hand, my husband and Iwill eagerly head to the front porch where we will sniff the air knowing that hundreds of miles in both directions, two grown up little boys are doing the exact same thing!

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