Friday, December 12, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Mystery Solved!

This is a poem of thanks to the 2Chippys for putting up with my smart rear comments for the last 12 days! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can catch up by going to their blog,, and reading their wonderful posts on The 12 Days of Christmas! It is wonderful, creative and entertained us for almost two weeks. Be sure you read the comments at the end of each day's posting. If you are one of those bloggers who has followed the 12 Days of Christmas MYSTERY, enjoy! To the 2SlippyChippys, thanks!
The 12 Days of Christmas Mystery Solved...
Its time to turn my shiny badge in!
The gig is up, break out the gin!
The nightmares have disturbed my sleep,
While characters left us like slaughtered sheep
A fir tree wreath with a baby’s head…
It made me toss and turn in bed!
And then the mama’s torso found…
I grabbed my shovel and leashed my hound!
The bloggers laughed and took no pity…
Until we found the butt of a kitty!
And so I began my investigation,
Which led me to this revelation…
The two headed woman called Lulu and Laurie
Aren’t really that mean…aren’t really that sorry.
They gave us 12 days of laughter and humor
And reports of deaths, turned out to be rumor!
I guess they are right when they say I’m De-Ranged,
And crazy, and weird…and a little big strange!
Just let me try to explain for a bit…
And see if you buy any of my bull**it.
I am a Junior Ranger …and proud as can be,
I looked through the forest, I dug up a tree!
No bodies, no torsos, no head did I find.
Looks like my quest put me in a small bind!
While I thought that my theory was solid and sound,
It turns out my map was askew…it was round!
So, 2Chippys, I’m sorry…and please post my bail!
If you want your jug, just send your email!


lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Oh you crazy-assed De-Rangered Lovey...your prose is worthy of the bathroom stall (mens) at the Waffle House exit 49 I-85 South going towards Alabama....
We aren't worthy... but we'll take that
We'll still get you my pretty,,,,and your little Monkey too!!!!
xo lulu

trash talk said...

You should print and frame this for them-it's a hoot! I do love my two-headed woman! They are the kookiest chicks it has been my great fortune to meet. I've got a feeling y'all are gonna fall right into that category as well when I get to meet ya, hopefully before the spring. Debbie

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

No Way No Way!!!! You are a Doll..... No you didn't go buy that cooler. I think I love you!!!I have been wondering why you never commented to me about that. I think I just figured out who is slippery....I am emailing you right now!!!!!!! Lauri @ chippys

debi said...

Okay...I have obviously missed out on some blogging lately (too busy giving stuff away :)
Loved this post...very creative! xo..deb

ajunkqueen said...

You sound like a person crazy enough to belong to their club ob crazies! I love the dogm mine
just git me up to feed him,now he's back in bed.keep up the good work!

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

You better sharpen your pencil, Wilma Shakespeare, 'cause ACT II has begun!
ox lulu