Sunday, December 14, 2008

Monkey, Monkey, Monkey...Money!

I am telling you...this contest has almost cost a divorce...a partnership...and a beautiful relationship between mother and child! I think we all have definite favorites....and they are not the same!!!! So, here is what we will do. The top winners in the Name the Fonkey Monkey contest, will all win the prize of 10 assorted Moonlight Hollow cards! Beginning tomorrow, we will actually vote to see what we should actually NAME the Fonky Monkey!

Our three winners are:

1. Monkey Wench...not to be confused with Monkey Wrench...get it? TrashTalk

2. Leeza Gibbons...Gibbons, a type of monkey...a celebrity on Entertainment Tonight....get it? Sie

3. Missy Link... a play on words....Missing Link...get it? Sie

4. Caca... monkeys eat their own sh** she holds a bedpan...get it? Rhonda

Winners, send me your emails so we can talk about mailing addresses!

The voting begins tomorrow!

1 comment:

Cher said...

Darn it! Several of MY favorites are in that mix. Good thing I have all night to decide how to vote!

The Texas Woman