Wednesday, December 31, 2008


May you find what you are looking for this New Year!

May you have a creative and prosperous New Year!
May you and your family be safe, healthy and happy!
May your blogging family grow in size and spirit!
May your baby heads multiply!
May your butter pats increase!
May your novels all be published!
May your junk necklaces be orderd by Tiffany's!
May all your martinis arrive on time and in multiples!
May the window you look from be free of forebodings!
May your red fish net stockings always drive him wild!
May Thunder Thighs become our national sex symbol!
May your Ya-Ya never lose its cha-cha!
Here's to you...Our Friends!
Malisa and Karen, The Moonlight Hollow Girls
(If you want to make a toast, please leave a comment...)


Denise Elizabeth said...

Ha Ha see the people you hang out with. You are a funny lady. That necklace one just made me belt out a big laugh. Well, I got that info from a survey I found online. Hope you have a safe new years. Thanks for the visit to my blog. Hugs, Denise

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

May we be the recipients of good health, good love and good sales in 2009! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for every one of your
smile-inducing efforts.
God made people like you for
people like me.

Cher said...

May your monkey amuse, your pictures be in focus, your dog keep licking, and the dang grammar police stay away from your door!

The Texas Woman

Talking Trash said...

I see the Baldwin brothers got out of rehab just in time to get spiffed up for New Year's!! That photo is just wrong for so many reasons. Even I won't go there. And now onto a toast:
Let's all raise our glasses
To two quirky lasses
Who got us all
To laugh off our a---s!
Here's to the new Moonlight Hollow Diet!!!Cheers! Tn'T

Alice W. said...

Thanks for visiting! Happy New Year and may yours be filled with love and blessings!

the junkin' yaya said...

Gosh...It is funny that you toasted about the "yaya chacha"! I had a t-shirt made for the store that they ladies are buyinig...that says---but some "yaya in your chacha"! :)

A HUGE Cajun toast to all you lovely yaya's and may all you dreams become reality in 2009!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Cheers to you and Karen. Hope all your junkin dreams come true and wish you many many blessings and adventures in 2009!

Sweet Repose said...

My Grandson says they are walking to the clubs, he only lives a block away...I knew he was a smart boy!

You guys have a wonderful evening and we'll talk to ya next year, cause it's gonna be a the photo...cheers!

trash talk said...

I hope you're happy. You made me cry. Thank you for starting 2009 off with a bang. BTW, humor is the sincerest of sincerity. That's when we show our true selves. And besides, humor never hurts except when we laugh too much. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I'll treasure them. That post has been in me and on my mind for a while now. Feels good to get it out. Thanks for the affirmation. Now we're cooking! Now, tell, what IS that a photo of? Tn'T

Karen from A`Musements said...

Oh geez, I LOVE this picture!!! LOVE your blog, "Girls" and I am SO glad we found each other.... Separated at birth, and all that...
Red fishnets... I hadn't thought of that one, but I'm off to find a pair and then a guy to drive wild! (If anyone has Sam Elliott's number...) Happy New Year to Two Wonderfully Funny, Great, Talented Women!!! May you live the LIFE you always dreamed of in SPADES!!!

Sue Jackson said...

Love your blog, really, I love it! Especially the awesome since of humor behind it!! Added you as a favorite and will be visiting often. I got the new years photo from They have some great photos. I work today, have an antique mall, Country Roads. So, I best get moving. But I'll be back! Take care, Sue

molly said...

THanks for stopping by for a visit today! I hope you have a wonderful New Year in 2009!

Breathing Beside Us said...

May all your wishes come true! You're Fantastic!
XOXO & Blessings,

Sharon at American Harvest said...

Here's to a great 2009 filled with dreams and inspiration that challenges all of to be the best we can be.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love that Thunder Thighs made your list! Hope your New Year's celebration was a blast! ~Mindy

Halo Hill said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. I love YOUR blog.

Happy HAPPY New Year to you.


Woman in a Window said...

When those baby heads amultiply I'm hoping they're on seperate bodies!

Happy New Year!