Friday, January 2, 2009

Family Favorite Foto Friday

Happy Birthday, Dear Tango, Happy Birthday to You!
Tango just celebrated his 1st birthday on December 7th! I believe that he discovered that he likes cake! Tango is the second of my grandchildren...and I hope and pray...not the last! Tango is an adorable child. He is tiny...he is quiet...and he is all boy! When faced with the choice of toys, food, or adorable animals...Tango will absolutely walk past all of his choices and take your Iphone out of your pocket! If you have anything that is considered out! Mr. Sticky Fingers here must have a built in radar for technology! He is a sweetheart of a child....loving and cuddly! He adores his big sister, Madisyn, as she does him. Now that he has discovered cake, there will be no holding him back!
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Deborah said...

Have mercy! Look at that little mess! He is darling, but I don't think I would pick him up at this point. What a cute photo!

Thank you, Malisa!

Joy said...

Malisa, he is a handsome little guy who reminds me of my own son in his sturdiness at that age. Who ended up hosing him down after this incident? ;o)

Sue Jackson said...

Love the photo, what a cute little guy! Reminds me of my son Bryce's first birthday. Baked him a chocolate cake, set it on his highchair and let him go at it! Thought my mom was going to have a stroke at the mess! Happy New Year, Sue

trash talk said...

I love that name!!! Grandbabies are the best-isn't that why we had children in the first place(that and free labor)? He is a cutie and so is your Madisyn. Tn'T

Claudie said...

I wrote you a nice long post last night before your pic was posted and it just pooped disappeared gone.
Fist love the babe, second that dog keeps licking my screen and if he doesn't stop I'm coming to get him to do my windows lol
third happy belated birthday to your beautiful son. I also have a second son and last. Love him to pieces.
Claudie from Canada

Pastusek said...

What a cutie pie!! lol. He's fun too!
I need to post the picture of his daddy in his birthday hat on here...they are identical!!
Fortunatly, he got some clothes for his birthday. I changed him right there in the bathroom at the restaurant...and hosed him down in the sink.
and what a total difference clearing up the ears have been. When i change his diaper, I tell him "I love you"...and he's trying to mimic that. It's the sweetest thing.

The Muse said...

ah yes, the sheer discovery of CAKE ! LOL
he is simply too cute for words!

(ps i see you are following me:) what a great and humbling honor, i shall add you to my favs, as of course, you are ! :) )

Ki said...

He reminds me of my son on his 1st B day! Where was delikker when you needed him! Surely he could have licked that cute little face clean. My daughter sent me the dog video and I laughed for days. Who says happiness is complicated? Have a blessed New Year!

Woman in a Window said...

HA! I have me one of those - all boys. We used to call him the happy dumptruck. He's growing up real fine, all hockey and ninja and super hero and stuff.

what a cutie.