Monday, December 1, 2008

Glamour Shots of the Moonlight Girls

We have had some requests for updated pictures of Karen and Malisa, the Moonlight Hollow Muses. We have been hesitant in posting our current pictures for fear that we will make our fellow female posters cry in shame . However, we have given in to the pressure and ask you not to hate us because of our beauty!
This picture was taken upon her retirement from teaching!
However, shortly after her retirement, Karen went on a health kick! Here is her new publicity shot!


After enrolling in Nutria System (the famous Louisiana diet) and Wait Watchers (I have been Waiting and Watching for years!), Karen dropped a butt load of weight. Well, aren't we proud of her? I know I am! No, no, it is not bothering me at all! I mean, she is younger than me already....I can't help that, can I? Now she weighs less than me! Doesn't bother me though! Nope. Not one bit! I feel sure she didn't lose the weight just to destroy my self-esteem. No. Not at all! After all, I am more mature (older)...I can handle this. You bet! And then there were those visits to the dentists and that new sparkling smile of hers! She really does think she is a queen! I mean that in the kindest way, of course. I don't care one little bit that her beautiful new smile makes my snaggle tooth smile less charming. And the roses...the constant delivery of never stops! Karen this...and Karen that...Queen of this...Queen of roses...yellow roses...none of this bothers me! No, mam! You can tell just by looking at my picture that I am not a person who would hold a grudge.


trash talk said...

Ok, to begin with, I had to leave and go look up nutria. I thought I knew what they were and I was right-eeeww! Second, are y'all like the 2Chippy's, a two-headed woman. Took me forever to tell them apart. Third, don't diet, decorate. Bling goes a long way. Fourth, is one holding a scalp in one's hand in the last photo? Fifth and last, we're not breaking up Darlin. I'll be back-just might not be as pretty as I am right now in my mismatched flannel pj's. Tn'T

Woman in a Window said...

HA! Those are some tremendous mams Malisa! (And while I just know that can't really be you I am hoping and hoping that it's not.)

Thanks for coming by my place. Very thoughtful comment and now look what you get in return...sorry.

Cher said...

I will NOT sue you for using my picture! You must have doctored it up some in GIMP because I swear I was wearing my cowboy hat, not my grape hat...of course, some mornings when I have too many margaritas for breakfast, I do get the two confused. After all, they do smell the same! Notice how one eyebrow is higher than the other? The photographer was HOT!

The Texas Woman

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Girl you are killing me with your wit. Too funny, I know, don't you just hate it when your partner, is younger, cuter and funnier. Can eat anything and never gain any weight, out drinks me, and goes 24/7 if she has too. How does that happen???? Anyway you gotta love em. Keep up the humor, love it. Lauri @ chippys.