Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas in Coldspring, Texas

This weekend, Coldspring celebrated the annual lighting of the square. When the lights went out, the Christmas light went on! I visited my two favorite antique shops on the square. Thought I would share some pictures with you. The next big celebration in Coldspring will be "Christmas on the Square" on December 13th. "Christmas on the Square" is an all day event which features decorated town square shops, outdoor vendors and is highlighted with a lighted parade at dark.
-on the courthouse square-
shop owner, Faith Alvarez

-baker of pies-
No town event is complete without Miss Rosie selling her homemade pies!
She specializes in individual pecan and sweet potato pies.
She can be located on bench between Easy Pickin's and Coldspring Trading Co.
Miss Rosie will be selling pies for Christmas on the Square.

"on the square"
shop owner, Margaret Lynn


debi said...

Hey sweet pea!
What a beautiful blog! And, it sounds like we have a lot in common...wife, mother, grandmother, etc. Trust me you are not alone in how you feel and I have met women all around the world and we are all in the same boats. So, know you are not alone out here...

Thanks for the sweet post and next time I am in Coldspring...I'll make sure to look ya up!
(Hope you got some of those gorgeous treasures!) xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)

timeworninteriors said...

Where is Cold Springs, Texas from Austin? I love Texas, wish I could talk my husband into moving there, but he won't budge!

I just found you from my friends, 2chippys, you have a great blog! Love the pictures of all the shops.

I would tell you to follow your dreams, but it don't pay much! My husband and I have been doing that for 8 years now, and he's finally had to get a real job! Hopefully things will come back around and we can go back to dreaming, it's the best job we ever had!

Come over and visit me sometimes!


trash talk said...

Ask me if I love that dog grooming sign. Why yes I do, very much so. Great photos! Debbie