Saturday, November 29, 2008

Speaking of Window Peepers...

Hey! What are you doing in there? I can see you! Don't think I can't! Wait---I need to get a little bit closer!

That's better! Now I can see watch you putting up all those Christmas decorations! I have been window peeping in hundreds of blogs...and I think your decorations might be the best ever!

Maybe if you would move this curtain back, I could see a little better! I left my glasses at home right beside my dentures!

Thanks! Oh, my goodness, look at that Christmas tree! Bet you didn't buy those decorations at the dollar store! Does your husband know just how much you have spent on those decorations? No! Wait! Stop! Don't close those curtains!

Isn't this window the cutest? It is found in the restroom at Mark's Gallery in Graham, Texas! If you didn't need to pee when you walk in the restroom, you will when you turn around and see this woman staring at you! I think this is the best! More pictures of Mark's Gallery coming soon!

1 comment:

trash talk said...

Peeing on myself would be the least of my worries if I glanced up and saw that looking back at me! Too funny! Deb