Saturday, January 31, 2009


All you junkers...
and antiquers...
Welcome to Texas!
Looking for something to do
before Warrenton/Round Top?
I have a suggestion!
Lets travel the back roads!
Have your ever been to Palo Duro Canyon?
Palo Duro is south of Amarillo...
in the Texas Panhandle.
Well, here is a picture...
looks like a big cat is using
nature's cat box!
Lets take a closer look...

What is that?
Check out that rattlesnake hole in the ground!

Having fun in the sun?

Just walk away slowly...
No quick movements...
Oh, hell, RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But you don't have to go to Palo Duro Canyon
to find these!
They're everywhere!
You are in Texas!

Tired of travelling the back roads?
Well, park your RV for awhile in Sweetwater...
home of the world famous...
Rattlesnake Round-Up!

Yes, you heard me right! Sweetwater is the home of THE WORLD'S LARGEST RATTLESNAKE ROUND-UP! It happens every year on the second weekend in March. The date this year is March 12th so you have ample time to enjoy this event before you head out to Warrenton!

The Rattlesnake Round-Up began 50 years ago as farmers and ranchers conceived the idea in efforts to clear their land of rattlesnakes which were overly abundant! Any idea how many rattlesnakes they have rounded up since the conception of this event?

123 Tons!

What do you need to bring...besides your Nervine? Well, if you want to hunt, you must register with appropriate hunting license, etc. You won't be able to hunt alone. You will be accompanied by trained rattlesnake hunters. According to the Sweetwater Jaycees official Rattlesnake Round-Up website, you will need:

1. Container to hold live rattlesnakes - Jaycees normally use Rubbermaid™ trashcans, you may use the same or any other type of container you feel safe using. 2. Hand Mirror
3. High top boots - Jaycees usually wear snake boots which are knee high, other people wear regular boots and chaps.
4. Snake bite kit
5. Snake hooks or Tongs
So, if you don't feel the need to wade knee high in a writhing pit of rattlesnakes... with a trash can in your hand... what are your other options? Don't worry! There are events for sissies too! You can attend:
1. The Rattlesnake Parade
2. The Snake Charmer Pageant
3. The Rattlesnake Dance
4. The Cook Off where you can eat deep fried rattlesnake!
5. The Snake meat eating contest
6. The Gun and Coin show which includes crafts, curios and snake products
You could even rent a booth space at the Gun and Coin show to highlight your own unique snake creations! Forget the doll heads...your display will feature snake heads! Create vignettes with vintage snake oil signs, a pair of vintage snake skin cowboy boots, a pair of antique chaps with antique rattlesnake fang marks poked in them, snake oil soap made right in your own kitchen, and your famous vintage pickled snakes in a bottle rescued from your high school science lab!
Now, doesn't this all sound like fun? And for those of you who are "upset" by the thought of "cruelty" to the rattlesnakes, let me remind you of this one little fact: Female rattlesnakes do not lay eggs...they give LIVE BIRTH! And the rattlesnake babies are TOTALLY self-sufficient at birth! In other words, once they are born, THEY DON'T NEED THEIR MOTHERS ANYMORE!
I thought you would see it my way!
Oh, come on! You've got time! You know you do! Spend some time in Sweetwater or Palo Duro or some other great places in Texas before you head off to Warrenton! I've got other suggestions...but that's another post!


lorhen82 said...

OK sweetie, THIS girl isn't going anywhere near a place that has that many snakes!!! Eeeeeewwwww! You gave me the shivers!!! LOL ~Lori

trash talk said...

Girls, girls, girls-people already think we are throwed off down here in Texas. Why you gonna add fuel to the fire? I for one will not be attending the rattlesnake roundup. I can't find a stool tiny enough for the milking segment. Debbie

Woman in a Window said...

1st shot and I was thinking, oohhhh, pick me, pick me! Let me bake in the warmth.

Now, on second thought, I'll just put on another layer, settle in 'til spring, and stop my damned whining. (no guarantees)

The Charm House said...

I was fixing to go to bed and get ready for Church... But not after these pictures!! LOL I will have bad dreams for a week! Snakes are my weakness~ YIKES! I have to go and watch the cooking show now~ Maybe they are having rattlesnake stew!
Yvette ~ And I am the GreatAunt to New Baby Emma, but in our family I will be like a grandmother as my sister will be to my grandkids one day!!

Sue Jackson said...

Oh no, not snakes, I feel the Charm House, I can't handle snakes, they scare the crap out me. I think I'm going to have nighmares, not just bad dreams! I think next time I look at your blog, I'll skip over this section ;0)
Take care, Sue

Cher said...

I have a stuffed rattler in my living room. I know that doesn't surprise you!

The Texas Woman

Antiques and More Blog said...

I can't stand to see a snake in a book, much less in person. I don't believe I have seen that many snakes...not even at the zoo! I will admit though, I had to keep reading your post..very interesting, even though I was cringing at the very thought of those things crawling around. Have a good day!

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Okay...this delicacy is not just for you Texans! We have these in droves along the piney woods in Louisiana....and yes, ladies they actually do taste like "chicken"! ;)

One other snake we are well known for down here on the bayou----the "cotton mouth"; otherwise known as the "water moccasin". The only difference in can also find them hanging from our trees! So when you come to visit the sensous bayous, you may want to not only "look down" as you walk, but you may also want to "look up". hehehe (of course this is not including the loving gator that you will always see).