Sunday, February 1, 2009


Okay...the snakes weren't too popular! Seems my snake pictures gave a few folks some bad dreams. Sorry! However, since beginning blogging, I have found myself faced with an abundance of pictures of the object of my phobia! Do you have a phobia? Maybe heights... or tight spaces... or spiders... or speaking in front of large groups? Well, put me in front of a crowd of thousands or even put me close to those rattlesnakes...but DO NOT expose me to winged things!
Yes, I seriously suffer from a fear of winged things...especially butterflies or moths! was gross to even type those words! I have a cold sweat just talking about this! According to WikiAnswers, "While there is no official name for the phobia of butterflies, it has been linked to Mottephobia (Fear of Moths), or a name such as Lepidopterophobia (based on Lepidopterans - the order of insects including butterflies, moths, etc.)." While those two nasty words I just typed head up my fear list, I am pretty much terrified of any insect with wings! Eeeewwwww! How about birds, you ask? Birds are fine long as they don't land on me or touch me or get close enough for me to hear the flutter of their wings. A bird in a cage doesn't freak me out...except when it flaps its wings! But sure as rain, some silly bird owner always wants to turn their maniacal bird free to fly in the room...and then, I fly out the door!
When I was in college, the dorms prohibited pets, but the girl across the hall always had pets...she even had a monkey! That monkey would sit up on the pipes in her room and drop poop all over anything or anyone under it....but that is another story. Anyway, the girl across the hall had a crazy bird and she would let it out of its cage and it would fly in and out of every opened door on our hall. One day she let her bird out of its cage and I was freaking out. As my roommate was walking in the door, I told her to please shut the door! Well, she did. In fact, she slammed it pretty good...just as the bird was flying in! KERSPLAT! It was a satisfying kind of way! No, no! I did feel really bad for the really flat bird! :) Oh, get over it!
Get back to the present, Malisa. Anyway, do you have any idea how many pictures of winged things there are on the blogosphere? Everywhere I look...WINGS! I even have a blog on my blog list which has wings in its header/banner! Since when do fairies have butterfly wings? Come on, folks! Everyone knows that fairies have fairy wings...which are bad enough...but those gross wings? Please! In my world, fairies...and even angels...have no flappy things stuck on their backs! So, I plead with you...NO MORE WINGS! And I will promise NO MORE SNAKES!
Now that I have bared my soul...and my deepest fears...right here in public, how about you? DO YOU HAVE A PHOBIA?


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Malisa, thanks for your comment about my sweet girl. I really appreciated that!

lorhen82 said...

Oh Malisa, I'm afraid you're not going to get your wish that all the wings would go away, since so many of us love them with a passion. So I guess we'll keep our wings, and you can keep your snakes!

I have several phobias. Snakes, spiders, insects...but the thing that will actually give me panic attacks is heights. I can't control it. It's no fun! ~Lori

trash talk said...

Escalators...I can go up just fine, just can't come down. There is a term for this and I know I am not the only one. But it is S-O-O-O embarrassing. C.D. puts up with it but he doesn't get it. I know all about the shakes and cold sweats. The older I get, the worse it gets. Debbie

Teresa Porter said...

Spiders for me. Yikes. If I see a spider, for the rest of the day, even a hair out of place freaks me out, thinking a spider is on me. Once, while cutting the grass, on the riding mower, I was carefully watching the left front tire, keeping a perfect edge, I looked up, just as the hugemongus spider web stretched across my face. I lept from the lawnmower, running, screaming across the yard, arms flayling wildly, body twisting and turning, tearing my shirt off, feeling all through my hair, trying to find the beast. Boy I'm glad no cars were driving by. Messed up the whole day.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I try to avoid stupid people. Not sure if that is a real life phobia. But, I really do try to avoid them! haha ~Mindy

Vodka Mom said...

mice. God. dammed. mice.

Snow White said...

I don't think I have any real phobias, per se. But my ex-boyfriend was terrified of snakes. One night he was looking for the remote under the bed (where he kept his belts)and he must have later remembered this image but instead of belts- they were snakes! He woke up screaming at me to kill them! Did I mention he suffered from night tremors often? How silly he felt in the morning after I told him how he needed lil ole me to protect him!