Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dog Names, Part II

You remember Sweetie...
the protector of Madisyn!
This photo shows Sweetie
in her role of protector...
as Madisyn sleeps soundly!

Do you ever wonder how other dogs got their names? According to a recent article on, the following names are the most popular dog names for 2008. They are listed from the #1 most popular name through the #10 most popular name.

Don't see any Spots or Rovers in that list, do we? These names all sound like childrens' names! Even more interesting is the following list which is comprised of the top ten unusual dog names in 2008:

Rush Limbark
Sirius Lee Handsome
Low Jack
Peanut Wigglebutt
Scuddles Unterfuss
Sophie Touch & Pee
Admiral Toot
Aren't those hilarious? I love Sophie Touch & Pee and Admiral Toot! Too funny! I get great mental pictures when I think of Low Jack and Meatwad! Poor dog who made his "owner" mad enough to name him after Rush Limbaugh! Bad dog! Bet that is one fat, loud, noisy dog!
Now all you doglovers...
Get on outta my yard...
Wag yore tails and...
Sniff out the goodies on these blogs!
Talking Trash: Debbie is a Texas girl with a Texas size sense of humor! She makes me laugh on a daily basis! She is having her 100th Post Giveaway and a Blog Party to boot! Put your name in for the drawing and get yourself invited to the online blog party! This is what Debbie had to say about her pooch:
My baby is Jake and he is my junkyard dog. He's a silver mini-schnauzer that Cat Daddy bought for me on my birthday 11 years ago. We got him at Dog Alley in Canton and C.D. talked 'em down on the price since one ear is shorter that the other. He is my little man in a fur coat and I love him dearly. He's extremely social(I wonder where he got that trait) and has us trained well.
Woman in a Window: Erin is a snow-bound woman in Canada. She makes me laugh one day and cry the next! Her post are full of love, emotion and the daily trauma of being a woman. This is what Erin had to say about her family dog:
Our dog's name is Bones, Woof woof, Pony, Senungully Woof Woof, Vicious Killar, OH NO!, and whatever else sticks in our jaw at the time. And yes, we only have one dog (who is in desperate need of therapy!)
Just Practicing Random Acts of Kindness: Sue is a California girl who owns Country Roads, a collection of antique stores. She posts great pictures of goodies in her shops as well as sharing great pictures of her granddaughter, Riley, and her yet to be born granchild! Sue had some funny comments about her favorite dog:
My dog's name is "Sally the Cabana Dog", although now she is just "Sally" or "Piece of Shit Dog" which I know longer use since Riley repeated that phrase perfectly!! She's a pound dog and I wanted to train her to go fetch a cold Corona out of the refrig. That's never going to happen, she's not the brightest dog. My kids always give me a hard time in, "I can't believe you actually "chose" that dog"! Oh well, I love her just the same even if she looks like a super sized wiener dog that is mentally challenged!
Bubblin' Over: Claudie is another blogger who resides in Canada. Claudie has a very interesting blog! She features dogs one day of the week and cats another day! Be sure and check out her picture...Claudie has such beautiful hair! Here is what Claudie had to say about her pups:
Really? you want to know my dog's names?? I have 3 right now.Bella, Bonnie and Toby and on Dog's on Thursday I have been showing Bella & Toby's 5 babies from 2004. P.J. is another and on and on and on.
Short and Sweet: Loretta is from the beautiful state of Arizona! She posts great vintage photos on her blog! When you visit her, be sure to check out the photo of her as a child dressed up as a nun! Also check for her post on a family watch which was worn in family photos...then she shows the great photos! Loretta said the following about her multiple dogs:
I have three dogs: Lucy--a yellow lab who has latched on to me. She was supposed to be "therapy" for us when our daughter left for college. Our daughter called it "Puppies for Parents". Bishop--an old black female lab that is demanding and relentless when she wants something. We tend to baby her because she is so old and frail. Bear--an enormous male black lab that my husband couldn't pass up when he went with a friend to visit the Humane Society. Bear's real name is Baron Bearington Bradley Jack or "Bear" for short. He is a gentle giant.
Pictures, Pots and Pens: Deborah is from the Southeast part of the United States. Each week she hosts Friday's Favorite Family Fotos. If you want to participate in this weekly Friday event, visit her blog and let her know! When you visit her blog, be sure and check out this amazing post: Pretty Boy, Parakeet Blabber Mouth...absolutely amazing! Although Deborah doesn't have dogs, she loves her cat babies! Here is what Deborah has to say about them:
We have two lazy cats - Miss Callie and Olivia..we love them!
Please visit Theresa at GardenAntqsVintage. She lost her precious dog, Sally Jane. I am sure she could use a few words of cheer!
Thanks for checking out my blogging buddies...
Now I gotta go take a nap...
Scratch behind my ears..
And lick my...


Woman in a Window said...

HA! And I thought it was Bones' warm nose that inspired my post today. I think it might have been yours.

Thank you! That's awfully kind of you.

claudie said...

Oh Melisa
I've never been on "stage". I'm honored to be on YOUR POST.
You rock, and thank you for the sweet comment on my hair. I have to tell you that a lady stopped me and asked if I dyed my hair grey?? I get that allot. I'm always pleasant and giggle and say "oh no this is really mine". What I really wanted to say was this " ARE YOU KIDDING ME".
"Do you REALLY think I PUT GREY IN MY HAIR" Do women actually want to put grey in their hair? It seems they all want it OUT not IN.
Anyway I haven't burst out laughing at them yet... but it's coming.
Have a great evening Melisa and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love Claudie
P.S. Yes you got it URL that is.

Sue Jackson said...

Hey Malisa,
Thank you so very much for the post. I've been busting my ass to post every day. Partly to get attention for my store, and partly to keep me writing. That is what I would also really like to do someday in my spare time! If click my profile, I just started a blog of random stuff I've written. I've only just begun with that one! I check out your blog each morning. Love your sense of humor and I think if we lived closer we could have some good times. You girls in Texas seem to have much more fun than us SoCal girls! Thanks again. Take care, Sue

trash talk said...

Who's kidding who here? Y'all are the funny ones...I'm just one of the stooges along for the ride. You knock me out with your humor and you know I'm addicted to the never ending story. Thanks for the shout out. Y'all are my biggest cheerleaders and I love you dearly for it. Can't wait to meet up with y'all in Warrenton. Let's see if we can make 'em run for the hills. Oh, and by the way he also answers to dammitjake. (I hope this made sense-to quote the 2Chippys, I've had a couple of lottles of biquor and I really am having a little trouble focusing. SSSHH! Don't tell anyone!) Tn'T

Cher said...

Bark Obama!

Vodka Mom said...

our dog ran away yesterday while I was out of town- still can't find him. I am So sad right now.

Whispering Pine Cottage said...

I want another dog now just so I can name her "Sophie Touch and Pee! You girls have made me LOL on this gloomy and gray panhandle day. Thanks, Angie

Anonymous said...

What names we won't shamelessly hang on 'em...
and they still love us. said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post....that was so sweet of you.